your body, my choice?

In the great debate of decades, it was loudly and often hysterically argued that women should never be forced to bring a child to birth, that their bodies were their property and no one should be allowed to violate their dominion over themselves in any way whatsoever. This argument seemed logical to many and the courts and politicians capitulated, so much so that in canada, abortions are still given out like free popcorn to all who desire one. As someone recently pointed out, once the people have opted for government care from cradle to grave, the government has been incentivized to bring those two dates together as closely as possible!

Fast forward a few decades and the rules appear to be changing rapidly. And although, most formerly free nations have not yet reached the point of wrestling us all down like hogs in the pen and sticking their precious venom into our hesitant carcasses, the pressure is mounting by the day. Using the much abused process of eliminating pleasures and even necessities until the subject’s will is broken and she complies, is arguably not so very far from simply forcing the desired result, but it allows the system and those who manage it to walk away whistling. After all, they will surely argue, it was your choice to take the brew into your system! We just provided the dose and the means and you did all the rest all on your own! Similar to drug dealers, pimps and alcohol and tobacco dispensaries, the argument of customer responsibility is a tough bull to wrestle, but along with “if we didn’t do it someone else would”, and “just doing my job, mate”, these arguments will ultimately evaporate in the cold hard light of day, but until they do, there they stand.

However… in the legal system, there is a little thing called precedent. And if it is decided that our bodies belong to the state, and we are all simple cattle in the pasture when it comes to decisions involving our very selves, what are we to do about it? Will you open door number one and walk in and receive the prize of suffering the indignities to your person which surely will follow, as you continually comply with every new and soul-eviscerating demand? Will you open door number 2 and pretend to comply, like the child who was told to sit, complied and stated defiantly that outside i am sitting, but inside i am still standing? Or will you decide enough is enough thank you and take your stand on whatever hill you choose to die on, bravely facing off against well padded armies of the states minions who have been extensively trained in dealing with your kind of folks?

None of these three doors look especially pleasant to me personally but when the day comes i hope i will be able to stand, and having done everything, to stand. The thought of endlessly capitulating to ridiculous orders and mandates is repulsive to me to the core and i do have a wee small bit of experience in dealing with such shenanigans and the feeling you get from successfully defying a system gone maniacal is quite satisfying! When somewhere deep down in your soul you finally find the strength and the will to say, “no sir” and simply leave it at that, come what may, it’s a feeling like no other.

And after all, surely you and i aren’t the only ones to have had enough of the medical bullying which has been taking place. Having close friends die alone for their protection, having toxic substances shoved into the arms of your grown children and being powerless to prevent it, having to shut down a perfectly viable business 20 years in the making, suffering the indignities of not being able to meet with those you enjoy, or travel freely, or breath normally surely is enough of an incentive to take a stand, no?

Because taking a stand at this point is the only thing those of us who have opted out of the current system have left, and the only way forward through door number 3. What’s on the other side time will soon enough tell, but the rooms on the other side of numbers 1 and 2 are filled with the bones of those who lacked the spirit and the will to defy the totalitarian system which is now breathing down our necks, drooling in anticipation of the mayhem yet to be caused on a trusting and unsuspecting population.

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