what’s the real target?

In Sweden and several other spots on the globe, the reset-virus has been largely ignored to generally positive effect: life has gone on as usual with restaurants and bars and churches and cathouses remaining open to the public and people continuing their enjoyable associations to tiny ill-effect. (imagine that!)

This result begs the question: since media-owners have chosen to ignore this glaring evidence that masks and lockdowns appear to increase infection and death rates, why do we persist in riding this insane train? What or who is the real target of the endless media single-minded onslaught of mysophobia on the public all over the world?

It is well known that there is an often seething animosity between the public and the private sectors, the public sector seeing itself as the voice of reason, reining in the rapacious greed of private business people and the private sector seeing itself as the real true provider of essential goods and services, in which effort government acts as mainly an impediment, imposing needless penalties, taxations, fines, fees and other strangulations.

Could it be that we are seeing a well-disguised attempt to bring about a global destruction of the existing business model followed by salvation offered through global communism? Yes.

The basic elements of communism: restrictions on citizen freedoms of speech, travel, freedoms of association, ownership of private property and freedoms of religion are all under attack (to keep us safe). It’s really quite clever when you think about it. How can we argue with their Marxist communist agenda? To do so makes you look like a heartless individual who does not give a rats whisker if grandma dies a thousand painful gasping deaths due to your inability to “just stay home” and let her die in peace and safety.

Is it possible the worldwide destruction of millions of businesses, forcing people into isolations and depressions without limit is simply an unhappy consequence of a whoops moment in a Chinese lab? I suppose it is, but one thing should be glaringly obvious to all by now: Conspiracy theory or no no conspiracy theory, the world is going to look a lot different in five years than the world we knew up ’til now. There may well be a few improvements, but there is also going to be a world of pain on the way. And with all the media pretense of caring about us, where is the concern for the millions of people who have lost their businesses, their dreams, their occupations and in some cases, their sanity and their lives forever. Not too much talk about that is there?

Because those behind the scenes are hidden, we can not really be certain who “they” are or what “they” are up to , (although this link provides some clues: https://www.weforum.org/ ) but the shadows do give them away at times. And dealing with the problems being created is the situation those involved in the production of real goods and services, find themselves facing. Do we submit in order to just get through another day? Or do we stand up right now for the values we hold most dear?

As “they” themselves say, “silence is violence”…

“Those who are willing to exchange freedom for safety deserve neither”, and I would add, “will have neither

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