of course you realise…

Tralfaz: Of Course You Know This Means War, Part One
“of course you realize… this means war”

I keep thinking about bugs these days. When I was a kid I loved Saturdays the best. I’d get up when i felt like it and pull on some faded old jeans, didn’t have to got to school or slick up for church, and start the day watching bugs bunny get blackened by Elmer Fudd and slowly drawl: “Of course you realize…this means war.”

Good times. Bugs always got the upper hand, infuriating Elmer to no end. 
Today, most of us are bugs whether we get it or not. 

If I had told you one year ago the entire population of planet earth would be wearing vomit-arrestors almost 24/7 or that canadian civil “servants” would be spreading sand on kids’ outdoor hockey rinks in Alberta (hint: the sand goes beneath the ice) or that 75 percent or whatev of the population would think it’s ok to rat on each other over victimless crimes, or that you could not even visit your grandma as she lies on her deathbed “for her safety” or….  I would have definitely been called a (wait for it)………..conSPIRACY theorist!!! 

Now, unless you have been in a coma the last 12 months, you surely realize that this GREAT RESET thingy is actually being carried out in real time and a handful of billionaires/trillionaires really do plan to control every aspect and asset in your life, reducing earth’s population by a significant chunk and enlarging their own wealth disproportionately. And that, my dear reader is what is known as and commonly called ” conspiracy FACT “. So yes Virginia, there really is a conspiracy.

We are all bugs bunny now and we have just taken a load of blackpowder to the face. Of course you realize, “this means war”.

There are, however, some encouraging signs.

One of the biggest signs that all is not peachy with the leerjet set, is their recent fixation with restricting free speech.   What would that mean except they are running scared of a population on the verge of erupting into a seething mass of vindictive human flesh, a population that was one brain cell smarter and one internet connection beyond the doltish level at which they saw us peasants, who figured out and understand the end game is the whole game: the great reset with its grand promise: “you will own nothing, and be happy”, is the whole reason we have been dragged through the coals of perdition this last 12 months. They, who own over half the world’s wealth, want to own your old fridge as well, and your home, and your kids, and your future and your past. In short, they want it ALL.

Of course you realize…. this means war.

But just what form and substance that war will take is up for debate.

The ol’ tooth for a tooth thing springs to mind, but how to implement the degree of response appropriate to the psychotic criminal offense  of lying to everyone on earth, destroying our freedoms, decimating our friendships and marriages, killing us and our liked ones off with lethal injections disguised as vaccines, crushing the middle and bottom classes mercilessly, would be an impossible task for any earthly judge, no matter how creative!!  And that’s just the preamble to the real list of globalist political, financial, spiritual and physical crimes.

What sort of punishment that would be reasonable to compensate humanity for what these devils have done with their reckless lies and insatiable greed? Three of my best friends died in hospital without being allowed to even have me pay them a visit in their dying hours. Would any amount of money be sufficient compensation for them at this point, considering there is no way for them to spend it anymore?

So I’m for leaving the judging thingy to their Maker who is well known for creativity when it comes to determining rewards.

In the meantime, though, I do have some suggestions: so let’s start with how we got into this mess in the first place, if I may.

Didn’t it all begin with “news reports” blasted out through billionaire-owned news outlets all over the world? That’s what triggered the initial panic and filled nearly everyone’s heart with the terror of imminent death and their pants with something else. And even the most skeptical among us, washed our hands a bit more frequently, didn’t we?

So that simple fact; that the initial reports came through the mass media news outlets, should give us a clue to how to reverse the devil’s schemes. Boycott the “news” and boycott it like you mean it. Because whether or not we realize it, we are constantly being monitored, what we watch, which headlines generate the most clicks and what “news” stories generate the most viewings and absolutely nothing will be more effective in ending the propaganda stream than causing the “news” outlets to be forced to seeing their “news” ratings fall through the earth’s crust..

And when it comes to maintaining our personal mental health, if i may use  a personal example, since the very first day I learned of this terrible illness with the “flu-like symptoms” I have refused to read well over 90 percent of the articles or watch any tv at all on the topic and as a result, I have strolled through this whole episode utterly amazed at what is going on around me. At the beginning I thought there might be something to it, didn’t know, but today I have zero dread of the disease and maximum dread of the reaction of the self-declared “authorities” and endless binful of “experts” and not a little concern about the mindset of the general public as well.

Folks, we need to fight and fight hard or we will not survive what is happening and yes that may mean physically,  and the only question yet to be answered is which will kill us first if we do not, forced lethal injections or starvation.

Again, a great first step is to shut the “news” out of your life. Don’t you think you will learn from someone if nuclear war busts out between Bernie “mittens” Sanders and Osamabama? Of course you will! No need to monitor fake cases constantly because this is precisely what is wrecking what’s left of this precious life of ours.

We’ve lost a year now and our overlords have gained enormous amounts of wealth. No connection there I suppose… enough already.

In short and summation, what I’m suggesting is to IGNORE the whole dampenic. Just… simply… ignore it. That’s what we need to do if we ever want to breath free again in this brief life. Ignore the mandates, ignore the hype, ignore the signs and the arrows on the floor and above all, ignore the lamestream media “reports” wherever you find them.

Signing out of social media for a year wouldn’t kill any of us either. Boycotting the propaganda and indulging in creative civil disobedience are about the only weapons we have left and we better use them to full advantage. Some of us will suffer, some of us will perhaps even die in battle with authorities gone mad, but no one likes to be IGNORED so that’s where we need to start our battle and end their precious GREAT RESET GREAT REGRESSION once and for all.

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