can we ditch the parasitic class?

For hundreds of trillions of eons (sarc) the good ol’ earth has been slowly revolving on its good ol’ axis and divulging its products. products we require for our daily needs, wants and wishes as we spend our days and nights fantasizing of yet more and better surroundings and experiences for ourselves in this free sample of a thing called life.

And how much time do we give to remembering the fact that nearly everything we have and enjoy in this life has its source somewhere on the earth and the fact that a whole pile of hands went into the production, harvest, transportation, sale and delivery of those goods to our dining room tables? Not all that much! But by the simple act of making a purchase, we are creating a huge amount of activity, much of it unnecessary, often extending to the far corners of the pizza box we call earth, if the flatearthers are to be believed.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time”, the defense of every drunk driver and pervert ever, could be applied to the ruined hulk our financial system is fast becoming. The “convenience” of using currency instead of bartering as was formerly done has resulted in huge masses of people living “in substandard conditions” (under bridges and overpasses as I recently observed in honolulu, by the scores in fact) and slipping and sliding on human manure in San Fran or thrashing helplessly in piles of debt while they contemplate the next billing cycle and how they will manage the emotional strain of being unable to provide properly for their canines and felines.

Had enough yet?

I like France. France has had enough. Be like France. Public transportation systems are rolling to a stop in the latest conflict with an oligarchy which is apparently hellbent on upending a millenia-old culture and replacing it. After a year of weekend protests, perhaps the people have hit the point of suddenly realising that the producers simply need to cease production in order to force some new level of understanding in the minds of “the elite”.

Imagine, if you will, a “new world order” of our own making, not one jammed down our throats by a mindless oligarchy bent on financial, speech and racial repression, but one we create ourselves. Producing our own table fare by means of planting our own gardens with heritage seed and using growlights in the winter, hunting and gathering the bounty of the good old earth, and trading amongst ourselves, bypassing the financial system completely as the oligarchy gradually starves whilst sitting on literal mountains of worthless cash. Could it happen? Can it be done? On an individual basis, certainly. Only about hundred years ago, people in my community here in the southern Yukon lived largely without cash of any kind, or a store, simply and we’ll on what the land and the lake produced, so obviously it could be done again.

And even though, the things we buy and use are a comfort, it’s at least good to be reminded that most of it is non-essential and if our lives have become a race to pay back debt for stuff we don’t really need, maybe we could at least make some adjustments here and there and bypass a financial system which has become putrid at its core. A putrification, btw, which soon will be evident to all.

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