safety second


Pretty sure I do not have stockholm’s syndrome.   Trying to get some benefit from it all doesn’t mean I have any affection for GOVID19 or those who dumped it on us. What I do have is an incredible gutteral revulsion for everyone profiting from this episode of medical bullying, as I have for any and all bullies, everywhere, everytime. Once you have been bullied you never forget the emotions attached to that crippling experience.

With that out of the way, GOV19 has been a rather telling experiment!   What has it taught us and what have we learned?    Learnt? Learnded?

Those of us who have opposed the temporary measures designed to milk us for all we are worth keep us all safe, have largely wasted our time with the promotion of our carefully selected FACTS. The emotional makeup of the typical woman on the street has little time for any of those and chooses instead to rely on her gut.

What counts for most of us, even for you if you still call yourself human, more than any specific facts you can list are EMOTIONS.   The sad truth is that we make nearly every decision based on emotion, not facts.   Spock of Startrek is right!   We are behaving illogically most if not all of the time.

There is a sQuEak in your car somewhere. It drives you nUTs so you trade it for a new one and extend your greatly increased payments for 2 long years.   You tire of running out of handsoap, so you indebt your grandchildren and buy a multi-generational  supply.   Your son calls you an idiot under his breath so you redraw your will to leave everything to the sibling he hates.

This is the major reason I never did well selling life insurance.   I failed to appreciate the power of raw eviceral emotion in making decisions, and relied mostly on selling through logic, like this:   When you die, your death will cost money so you need to prepare by buying life insurance, preferably from me because I am so nice.   Who could reasonably be expected to respond to that sales pitch?

The typical unseen reaction was probably, “yeah, makes sense, maybe someday”, and what I heard was, “I’ll think about it and get back to you”, which for years I stupidly believed until I realized no one ever did get back to me. It was just a clever ruse to see me on my way.   I’ve used it myself so I should have picked up on that but hope dies HARD, y’all.

The GOV19 mob understands this universal truth about emotion being the basis behind most decisions.   And what is their primary weapon?   Why FEAR, obviously, which is a core emotion and perhaps the most powerful, overriding emotional of them all.   They could have appealed to “happiness” for example instead and what would that have achieved for them I wonder?

“Oh, try some of this Jabba Mcdoodle injection!    It will make you HAPpy my friend!”.   Even though that tack is working pretty well for the cartels they opted for the terror in the night approach, with arguably greater effect.

No one can really logically argue it makes sense to rush an injection of Foochi-knows-what ingredients into 99 people because one 1 out of a hundred, who is pretty much timed out anyway, expires, possibly of bat fever, or being a 300 pounds overweight, alcoholic smoker crack addict with diabetes, heart disease, liver cancer and a side of mysophobia with extra corona or whatever.

And the cataclysmic global response never could have happened without the drums of fear beating endlessly over a period extending now into its second year.   (time does fly when you are in a coma).  We would have simply ignored it all and carried on.   But as it now is, perhaps we can take a lesson or two from the experience.    So what have we learned?   Learnt?

Well for one thing, it has become obvious that nearly 100 percent of the world’s pop is a bunch of total shivering-in-their-pyjamas cowards.   Perhaps that is the reason all those Die Hard type movies do so well.   We wish we had the guts to actually take some chances but sadly it seems, we don’t want to risk even the chance we might possibly catch a sniffle, or still worse, get laughed at publicly for non-conformity issues.

Next up in the learning lesson batting box, there is effectively ZERO integrity in the lamestream media, or among those mighty to save either.   The typical GOVID authority has been simply parroting what they are told to parrot by whoever’s bottom they see the first when they look up the ladder.   There were multiple scientific opinions given and nearly every last “authority” figure picked the opinion she thought would get her in the least trouble.   The one with the greatest possible violence to our freedoms and enjoyments, nine times out of ten, it seems.   Nice.

So we better just grab a few lessons from the experience and carry on as best as we can.   What have You learned?   What will you do the next time the whirled gets it’s head in a vice over Hungarian chicken dancing whirling diarrhea fever?

Because if making billions felt good the third time, you can bet your assets there’ll be a fourth, then a fifth…

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