are “they” delusional or…?

There is a tendency, and I do not know why it is, to think of those more blessed with wealth, as being superior human beings, without considering the mechanisms employed for their ballooning collections of earth’s resources, the assumption apparently being that, in order to accumulate huge stores of wealth, one must somehow be a superior specimen of humanity. 

This piece explores the possibility this assessment may be in error.

Consider with me what “they” euphemistically call “the great reset” which should more properly be called the “not so great reset” even from “their” point of view:

There is a time and a place to make meaningful and positive change in one’s personal or professional life. But attacking the very sources of one’s own prosperity does not seem like positive change, does it? “They” the billionaires/trillionaires kind of had it made, didn’t they?

Owning most of the world’s printing presses for what we think of and use as money, huge masses of land, shipping companies and ports, rail systems, as well as global media outlets (useful to control our thinking and keep everyone everywhere totally in the dark as to their rapacious asset-stripping exploits) all they had to do was stay the course, but somehow there must have been some dissatisfaction with the results of their activities and “they” apparently decided in Davos Switzerland that the big red reset button needed to be hit, and everything needed changing. 

Again, change can be a good thing, but burning down an existing fully functional house for the sake of change, when you lack the means to rebuild, does not qualify as the best course of action, usually. And the whole “build back better” mantra implies an initial total destruction of the existing world order, and all remnants of our history, along with current belief systems built up by our ancestors over thousands of years, prior to the planned BBB doesn’t it? Imagine the arrogance of the man who believes himself capable of building all of that back better! Astounding! Impressive, even!

But back to the intelligence quotients of our wannabe overlords for a minute. Imagine a game of monopoly, not begun as it normally is, with every player being issued X amount of currency and equal opportunity to gain wealth during the game, but instead, players beginning with major ownerships of the properties on the gameboard and others beginning with zero currency, no properties, nothing of value other than “hope”. Are the wealthier players in our imaginary game of Monopoly more gifted intellectually simply because they have been “born” into great wealth?   Possibly, but it is certainly not a given and in fact, I would argue there is no natural connection between inherited wealth and intelligence. 

Perhaps i’ll give the movie “trading places” another watch, just as a refresher on this principle. 

So here we find ourselves in the year 2021, living under the thumbs of people of arguably inferior intelligence, who literally own our governments, and desire to cool the world yet further, rid the earth of billions of us useless eaters, make the rest of us eat bugs and lab meat, reduce our standards of living to amoebic level existences, while they jet the world preaching about us all being in this together. Uh huh.

And what will be the predictable result of their imminent success, assuming they have the intelligence to make any of their Davos vision bones take on flesh and skin?  
Assuming they are successful and within the next 8 years all of us peasants “own nothing and are happy” which simply means they have given themselves under 9 years to own the entire world, an “ambitious” goal for sure and for certain, considering some of us kind of like owning the things we worked all our lives to acquire, but whatevs, assuming they are successful, how do they plan exactly to motivate us to repair the roof when we no longer have ownership interests?

 All we have to do to understand what will happen globally is consider how most renters react when the pipes burst in their apartments in Texas.

All the renters will now go to the nearest nail store and put a few thousand on their visas and hire a contractor and build back better won’t they? Hint: don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.  Nope. They are going to cease payment of their rents, if they were paying anything at all in these manmade “troubling times”, and Move Somewhere Better, obviously, because there is no incentive to stay where they are. And without incentive, humans do not normally produce anything but bodily fluids.

This is the lesson which has been taught the world over and over and over but one which the billionaires have yet to comprehend: people only produce effectively when there is an incentive to do so. But to be fair, perhaps they have considered this inherent human flaw and have got the answer: robotics. Yes robots will do the work in the future.  And here is where “they” show their stupidity most glaringly. Replacing the work of nearly every human being on the planet with robots is the dream of a megalomaniacal lunatic. Imagine the level of insanity required to think that the intricacies of the human creation with all its wonderful capabilities of thought and depth of understanding, the ability to relate and adapt to sudden change, can all be replaced by machines built by someone who hasn’t been able to create a decent computer operating system in 40 years!!

And on that note:

~ if you think God needs a guy who can’t design a decent computer operating system to redesign every cell in your body to save you from imminent death by sniffles, you just might be brainwashed by billionaires (bbb) ~

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