mr. white

This short story was recently sent to me by a close personal friend. Apply as needed!

Mr. White once was freezing one cold winter nights. He was so exhausted, and did not know how to keep warm to survive.
So he went and knocked at Mr.Brown’s mansion door.

Mr. Brown invited him in, made him a nice cup of tea, and told him he could have the first room on top
Of the stairs.

Mr. White asked if his wife and kids could also come in and spend the night.

Mr.Brown told him it was fine.

The next morning, Mr. Brown saw Mr. White coming out of the room he was given to sleep in the night before.

Then, his wife came out of the next room, and their kids of a 3rd room.

Mr. White explained that since Mr. Brown has such a big mansion, that he thought it would be ok if his wife took one room for her sewing, and their kids a room as a playroom.

Mr. Brown and Mr. White then walked down to the kitchen.
Once there, Mr. Brown got shocked to see the tiles and floor were gone.
A big hole was left there, he could barely go to the kettle on the stove to pour himself a cup of morning Java.

So he asks Mr. White..
“What happened to my kitchen floor?”

Mr. White to reply “Well, while you were sleeping, I came for a glass of water, and couldn’t help but to see all of that glitter stuff between the tiles; it is called Gold.. I couldn’t just leave it there, this stuff is expensive and valuable.. so I dug till I found more… “

Mr. Brown shook his head not too sure what to think.

They then headed for the back yard. Mr. Brown opens the sliding door on a yard totally depraved from trees. They were all cut up, and a big pool of dark matter was sitting there.

“Where are all my trees? I got not trees to protect me from the wind and give me shade, or to keep the ground knitted together… and what is that big hole there with that black stuff?”

Mr. White hurried to explained.. “Well, isn’t it awesome, we now are rich, I found oil in your yard. This black stuff is oil. It worth lots of money.. “

Mr. Brown is having a hard time grasping the fact that his guest has taken things to a whole new level in his mansion .

He walks to the freezer to get some moose meat out…

When he gets to the freezer, he finds it double chained up and locked, impossible to open it.

Mr. White to be heard saying “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Early this morning, while you were still sleeping I invited in my whole family.. mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, cousins, uncles, aunties, and even the dog. And we took a vote this morning. We even got 2 of your kids to make an “X” to vote yes to our choice (since they don’t know how to read and write anyway)
So now, we rule here. We had to lock your access to wild meat, because we now live here as a majority, and we can’t let you take all that meat.
We took the whole top floor. You don’t need it, you can stay in that small room beside the garage, to think of it, we now own the rest of the mansion.”

So now, Mr. Brown and his family are under the orders of Mr. White in what use to be his own beautiful dwelling..

He never signed it over, it just was taken over.

Now, Mr. White Family has been in charge here ever since.

(I wrote this story from memory just now, but this is how I remember it being told to me, I might have forgotten some parts of it. But this seems to sum it up pretty well)

written by Marie-Suzanne Labelle

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