you’re the conspiracy bro!!

One of the biggest challenges the independent media faces is responding to the dismissive charge of being a conspiracy theorist. It often seems that whenever we present evidence contrary to that of the mainstream media’s approach we arethus labelled and the conversation is immediately shut down and any further evidence only goes to support the idea that we are babbling on about our beloved new conspiracy theory of the day. And even if our listeners do not use the term, it is surely there in the back of their minds there somewhere, ready to be deployed when the situation warrants.

I really do not understand the logic behind immediately slapping a label on a person but millions do it daily, and when the correct label is firmly applied, they can go on with their day as planned, or not planned. Is there any way around this problem so that people will unstop their ears and hear the truths we try to present without immediately shutting their minds to any and all new evidence to support a threatening new idea?

Perhaps the best approach to this sort of conversational shutdown is to ask a question and leave it at that. And one question that might be asked is whether you believe that people ever get together and cooperate to achieve a given objective? We see people cooperating every day to perform given tasks that would be more difficult to perform on their own. Nearly every fairly sizable business you can name consists of numerous people working together to achieve an objective and when this cooperation ceases to work the business or the organization or the family, inevitably fails. So is it such a great stretch to consider the possibility that leaders of large businesses might possibly work together to achieve a common objective as well? The trilateral commission,, , the world economic forum, and the club of rome are very real organizations with publicly posted agendas, which have existed for many years. And all many of us are suggesting is that the love of money has overtaken the love of humanity in many of these organizations and is producing catastrophic results for the people of this planet.

Another possible approach is to point out that there really is an indictable offense labelled “conspiracy to commit murder”. It is a real criminal offense and people are charged with it so it shouldn’t be such a great stretch to consider the possibility that there may be such a thing as conspiracy to commit mass murder as well. And if people have nothing better to do with their time, what’s wrong with considering how these conspiracies just might be operating behind the scenes, looking for and finding interesting patterns in the global events around us? Identifying these patterns could be seen as similar to the work of detectives solving a crime in order to catch a serial killer, but instead, we get the inevitable label. Perhaps people should be asking themselves if it really is only anti-social, single, white, wild-eyed males who commit murder or is murder for profit a thing on a grander scale as well?

So being a professional conspiracy theorist does not necessarily equate with being a lunatic or some sort of imbecile. Some of us are simply blessed with the spiritual gift of suspicion and the events of the last 3 years have proven many of these suspicions to be directly over the target. The mainstream is grudgingly admitting what many of us suspected and knew all along, that the clotshots really are the true deadly bioweapon menace in this unfortunate and fully preventable slowly unfolding tragedy.

It seems that when someone pulls this label out of their hat they really are seeking to shut down the conversation and perhaps it’s best to recognize this fact and simply walk away. A great majority of people do not want to deal with any kind of a thing which might upset the status quo. They just want things to go on as they are. They’re satisfied with their normal lives and they do not want to consider the fact that they could or really should be fighting for a better world. They’re happy just to carry on with what they’re doing, living their lives, going home, watching their beloved teevees, drinking their beer and forgetting about the problems of the world. Another words, they’re apathetic, perhaps justifiably at this point, and as someone else has pointed out, sure there’s apathy but who cares?

It is extremely frustrating to realize that you may be the only one left who actually cares about the direction the world is going enough to do something about it and that perhaps it is going to take some very serious events in order to jar people out of their complacency. The hope is that when this happens they will remember some of the conspiracy theorists who tried to shake them out of that complacency before they found themselves staring at their meager portion of daily grubs in this Brave New World that is frantically being jammed down our throats in real time.

A warning though and please remember: if you share this article, you just might be a conspiracy too.

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