full spectrum dominance

Remember that old schoolyard game, “I’m the king of the castle, and you’re the dirty rascal” in which children would fight each other in often vain attempts to take over the top of the pile of snow, or gravel, simply for the right to proudly claim, “I’m the king of the castle, and you are the dirty rascal”? What we are witnessing globally at the moment reminds me an awful lot of that game..

The expression, “full spectrum dominance” came to my mind around a year or so ago, and i’m not really sure where i first ran into it, but it somehow stuck, and i believe that what we are living in today is a grand plan for the enslavement and subjugation of the entire population of the planet, under the permanent control of a class of extremely wealthy individuals who operate as a law unto themselves, totally free of the legal restrictions the rest of us abide beneath.

Allow me to front run the inevitable accusation. What exactly is a conspiracy? Is it not in it’s simplest form a plan? The plan may be for the purpose of selling more cars or hammer-whackers, or it may be a plan for something more sinister, but a conspiracy is really nothing more than two or more people working together for a common agreed upon purpose, and obviously this is being done on a daily basis all over the planet, generally, but not always in secret. Often the effect of a successful conspiracy is readily visible as when a large apartment block starts to take form in a previously residential neighborhood wherein many homes were condemned due to some odd form of contamination or other.

So to suggest that extremely wealthy, powerful individuals might have a plan to take over control of the last remnants of privately owned property does not to me necessarily look like the ravings of a maniacal conspiracy theorist, particularly when the entire plan has been published in full view of anyone with “an internet”. Search “world economic forum” and “trilateral commission” for a glimpse at what these demented souls have in mind for your future.

With that out of the way, what do we see developing all over the earth, under the cover of a fear-mongering media obsessed with driving racial, political and religious wedges between us and panic into each and every heart? Stripping away all plague-talk, for a brief moment, we see huge populations of healthy people being told they must not travel, they must not go too near their neighbors and family members, they need permission for nearly every activity necessary to sustain human life, they need to be tested even when they exhibit zero symptoms, and on and on and on to the point of insane restrictions like cooping small children in total isolation for weeks at a time, allowing the elderly to die without needed medical care or the companionship of their own family or friends, and other even grosser violations of human decency.

Again, removing the plague from the picture, we see in stark relief, the end of human freedoms of every kind and the imposition of a new normal of one class of humans treating another class of humans as if they were animals to be corralled and exploited for profit. In short, we are already living under full spectrum dominance. The masking, a forerunner of the day when our names will be replaced by symbols or barcodes, and our identities known only to some central database and those who tend it, the ritual handwashing and the distancing designed to make us feel unworthy of human affection and like some kind of dirty, filthy, disease-carrying human rodents; all of these new normals as they are called, when viewed in a chunk, tell a story, a story of how the wealthiest individuals in the world view the masses beneath them. Namely as inferior creatures to themselves, as dirty, filthy subhuman animals to be exploited for profit, or murdered when it is found convenient to do so. (abortion on demand, euthanasia to end a life not worth living, doctor assisted suicide)

And yet, there are some encouraging signs, even though, as i view the compliance with regards to the depersonalizing face shrouds, i begin at times to lose heart.  The encouraging signs appear in the comment sections of newspapers and online news items, where i see a lot of people venting their fury at these overzealous demands for obedience. 

Most of us are not children anymore and quite capable of determining the risks we are willing to bear, and the language used by the state is so condescending as to be absurd.  “You must”, a favorite of the local variant of “government” here in the yukon of canada has got to be the pinnacle of the absurd.  Who do they imagine themselves to be, anyway, our parents?  Someone once commented on a yukon newspaper article: ” May i go outside and play now daddy?”   I thought that was a classic, worthy of winning the internet that day!   

It is true that a large proportion of the population is either too lazy or too dull to do any thinking for itself, and prefers to have an authority figure make the decisions for it.  This is an unfortunate reality of our time, and for those of us who differ with these statist decisions, the frustration and anger is growing by the day. 

Sensing this pent up frustration, the authorities are beginning to panic and are throwing every scare tactic they can think of at the viewing audience, because the  simple fact is that their “authority” does not exist at all except in the minds of the people, as they themselves well know, and additionally, as their financial support base is continually being eroded by their own foolish financial diarrhea, and restrictions on wealth creation, they are terrified by the prospect of what will happen when the cupboard is finally bare, and all those people who believed in them turn into a ravening mob of enraged and disillusioned rebel zombies!  

Suddenly, I believe, the lights will come on and people will begin to see, like a teeming herd of deer in the headlights on a foggy road, what the authorities have done to our countries, our children, our lands and our souls.  It has happened before and will happen again.  Hopefully, the right individuals will be the ones blamed, and duly punished, but I do not have that much faith in the intelligence of human beings anymore, my own intelligence included! 

Might be a good time to disappear for a bit and let the brunt of the storm blow past.  Not sure I could find it in my heart to just bugger off and flee while people i care about are being abused though, should it come to that! Time will tell how this all ends, but major changes are coming to us all, and i fear no one is really ready for any of that.  All most seem to want is another day in their pyjamas, eating salty chips and drinking state provided soda pop, so they DON’T GET SICK.

In the meantime, may we, here at the bottom of this great pile of snow, continue to try to fight for the freedoms we have left and perhaps add few new ones because a future of living under the “care” of the individuals who cooked up the current evil social controls is impossible to accept or tolerate, plague or no plague.

“help help! I’m being repressed!”

4 Replies to “full spectrum dominance”

  1. It’s working. Inasmuch as our rulers have a monopoly on violence I wonder if we would be best served by just walking away. Don’t recall if it was the Mayans or Aztecs that apparently just walked out of their cities, but it brought their rulers to their end. Similar to some recent evidence that the bronze age collapse was actually the great unwashed burning the palaces and temples down and getting on with life.
    The dark ages that followed may be nothing worse than a gap in self serving propaganda recording the exploits of sociopathic tyrants.


  2. Walking away seems like the most reasonable response and i like your thought about the state having a monopoly on violence. Walking away can take on many forms, but perhaps the most potent is walking away from the financial system and reducing our reliance upon it. After all, should the corporate/banking/political class lose control of the general population by means of alternative currency use, that might not be such a terrible outcome. Learning skills so we are not so dependent on credit and the supplies of corporations is another means. Creativity will be a good thing in the years to come. Embrace the challenge and thanks for taking the time to comment!


    1. Spot on re financial liberty. Just look at the response to efforts by Iraq, Libya, Russia et al to break from dependency on the dollar. While extremely dangerous to do, it points to how critical the dollar is to the illusion of control the Beast strives to maintain.
      Best of luck to you and thanks for your work.


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