my paincation (re_print)

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I took the boys a skiin’

Twas a Christmas gift ya see?

Twas all about the childern

And not so much for me.

And all was goin’ a proper

On all our trial runs,

The wind, the snow a swishin’

We was goin’ great big guns.

And then they stops the chairlift,

Begins to ‘vacuate,

It’s gettin’ pretty chilly,

An’ the day is runnin’ late.

It wasn’t such a great big drop,

‘Bout 20 feet or less,

By hangin’ from the footrest,

Maybe a dozen or less,

So here i goes an’ tries ‘er,

I’m sure this can be done,

By slidin’ down the skipole,

The battles E Z won!

So there i am a hangin,

An’ thinkin’ to abort,

When shore enough it happens,

The skilift gives a snort!

Hauled me up another bit,

Just enough to say,

Now let go or just hang there friend,

‘Cause here is where you stay!

An’ down below is horror,

A jumble a mountain rock,

The drop’s a wee bit further too,

And my arms are gonna lock.

My fingers start a slippin’

I grip the pole lanyard,

“Twasn’t made for geniuses,

Nor either lift retards!

So here i am in hospital,

Waitin’ for the doc,

To put the little pieces back,

An’ help me toddle off.

But there’s one thing about it,

To keep me satisfied,

I lost a bit o’ fearlessness,

But i still gots me pride!

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