yuuuuuuuge theft! no sirens

Yuuuge theft; no sirens

What am I talking about now?

Money printing!

We have been trained since puppyhood to think of inflation as the result of the greediness of greedy business owners, obviously the worst people on this green golf ball called earth, which while being an issue in certain cases, is not the true cause of inflation.

In fact, “inflation” can be much better understood in terms of an increase in the money supply. More money in everyone’s pocket means higher prices throughout the system. So money-printing has the effect of reducing the buying power of all existing currency, making you and i… broker than the ten commandments.

Why anyone would want to hold money in the bank for security purposes is a mystery to me. The only certainty is that it will buy less product tomorrow than it can today! I say certainty because central banks will definitely inflate the money supply to reduce the buying power of your money. They are not stupid and they fully realize what they are doing, even if the vast bulk of us do not get it just yet. In fact what is stopping them from entering another quadrillion into the system tomorrow and cutting the buying power of your money by 90 percent? Nothing!

And if they did, not a bubble would begin flashing on a cop car on earth.

Case in point: According to the research institute of doug, Canada has its own central bank, cleverly named the bank of canada, and up until 1974 we used it to create the money which was used to finance infrastructure projects within the country, effectively interest-free. Along came Justin Trudeau’s ostensible daddy Pierre and began quietly visiting the international banking community and borrowing Kindaduh’s money from international financiers instead at interest, for reasons known mainly to him! What a deal he made! Eh? And as a consequence we now owe a trillion bucks or so which is almost the same amount of the interest we have paid on our borrowings. Why did he do this? Why was parliament and the propaganda mill media muzzled on this huge shift in policy? Why is the pope catholic?

The result of this policy shift is that the wealth and production of an entire country has been shifted from canada to the international banking cartel’s private interests and we have become slaves to them, for it is a little-known but important truth that the borrower is slave to the lender!

So now Our savings are being confiscated while we sleep through inflation of the money supply and whatever we have left is stolen through forced taxation and sent to Basel or London or wherever as interest on the debt Trudeau’s alleged daddy created for us all.

Good times!

The currencies of the world are called fiat for a reason. They are based on our trust in those who create and manage them. Might a  better name for them be slave-coupons?

What? No sirens?

Slaves free themselves by breaking their chains. Of course, there will always be some who enjoy their slavery. To paraphrase obama: if you like your slavery, you can keep your slavery. As for me, I’m goin’ fishin’. See y’all on the breadline!

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