the suits that be

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The suits that be have decided, based on some sort of self-assessed entitlement, that they alone have the intellect necessary to guide the brainwashed masses through the latest media-induced panic-orgy and have succeeded this time in doing the impossible: namely the shuttering of the vast majority of small and medium-sized businesses all over the planet no less, and many permanently!

This all would have been an unthinkable mere months ago, and it is a bit amusing that millions of experts are on hand everywhere today, in newspapers, radio, tv and the ‘net discussing mass-death projections, the likelihood of a second-wave, together with duration projections and all the charts and graphs ever you shall desire, even though not a solitary one of these geniuses saw this coming as late as Christmas.

Where were all these experts last December?

But regardless of the trigger, our wunnerful banking system, run and operated by the suits, was having a very bad case of indigestion long before Mr Wong first felt the sniffles and the suit-owned germaphobic media provided the perfect cover for the coming collapse of global fiat currency as we know it. How convenient for them!

This collapse was inevitable ever since the disunited united states dollar was disconnected from any relation to gold and has held value since in the form of buying power, simply by our collective stupid trusting natures. But now that our overlords have indebted the nations of the world through their profligate borrow ‘n blow programs to an infinite degree, there is only one solution to the problem, and like drowning men everywhere will grasp at anything which floats, they are turning up the dial on  the money machines, force-feeding mountains of cash into the flailing banking system, in the mistaken belief that these large enormous big yuge numbers will motivate us all to spend, spend, spend and save them from themselves.

And the hilarious thing is that their own narrative of the day has stopped the brainwashed masses in their tracks, either through voluntary self-isolation or the state-mandated version of same, and no amount of currency printing is going to stimulate anything, especially since the panic-shopping of the last 2 months has seen to it that most people with any buying power are well-supplied for months if not years of glorious self-isolation.

And what the kenesian socialist suits that be have never fully grasped is a very basic fact of life. This fact is also the reason socialism and it’s ugly brother communism never works and never will: namely that many of us in the productive class actually enjoy producing useful products simply for the sake of producing them and do not require being forced by some suit somewhere  issuing commands! In short we produce because we love to and not because we are forced to with a gun to our heads! That is right! Many of us force ourselves out the door in all kinds of weather because we enjoy the feeling of being needed and useful to someone other than ourselves! Can you believe that??

Communism begins with “seizing the means of production” which is a stupid move when you think about it, because in order to do so, the suit must first remove the central component of the productive machinery: the operator herself! And who will replace the small business owner? Will the suit himself take over? Will he command some new individual and order him to run it under pain of death? Or will, as is most likely going to be the case, the machinery sit idle and broken, the products cease being produced, and the population which depended on the production of the business go unserved and unloved?

People produce when they desire to do so and not when they are forced to do so! In fact, being forced to work, either by circumstance or some suit ordering them to do so produces only extreme resentment and an inevitable slowing or reversal of production!

Yet, here we go again! Maybe this time it will work!

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