just the ugly truth, please and thank you sir…

Lena was standing in front of the full length mirror when Ole walked into the room. She said, “oh Ole, my tummy isn’t flat like it used to be, my hair is grey and my breasts are a saggin’. I really need you to say something nice to me today to cheer me up a bit.”

Ole became thoughtful for a minute before carefully answering, “Vell, Lena, yer eyesight is damn near perfect!”

No one would openly claim that they have no love for the truth, and yet actual truth-tellers are about as welcome as a court justice at a meth party. They get fired, they get ignored when they phone, spend birthdays alone, and generally live life on whatever social crumbs may happen to fall from the tables of the popular.

Recently, on a news aggregating site, i made a comment on the pictures being used to represent the alleged virus, the comment being simply a series of questions. Like this:

pretty, ain’t she?

Where to begin?  Let’s start with the brilliantly colorized pic of the dreaded “virus”

Why the primary color enhancement

Why is the background around the alleged virus blacked out and not showing the same pattern as the surroundings? 

Why are the spikes only showing around the edges of the virus? 

Are they all the shape of coins with spikes only on the edges? 

And do they all line up obediently for the photo?  

Or, is the “photo” of the electron microscope shot of  the virus a colorized fake 

It’s interesting to do an image search of the covid virus.  The photo chosen for this article is one of many which all appear enhanced or arbitrarily created.  And why is this so if the virus exists in the wild in the first place?  It’s a pandemic! A pAnDemic i tell yOu!!! 

These things should be everywhere so why the need to create fake photos supporting the narrative?

And guess what? I almost immediately to 2 unlikes and a couple of likes and then… crickets.

Now, that isn’t a lot of hard data to base any kind of speculation upon other than to question, (again!) who downvotes questions? Or, who would have an interest in seeing a question disappear from the planet, other than someone who has an interest in seeing such questions going unasked and unanswered altogether?

We all get that making decisions on faulty data will most likely result in a negative outcome. Therefore, it follows that accurate data is the best means of insuring a positive outcome or a correct diagnosis of a problem and a decision most likely to produce the results we most wish to procure. But what if the data we are being fed is falsified, sloppy, inconsistent and basically worthless? Or what if the data is intentionally corrupted to support an outcome beneficial to the presenter and those responsible for looking after the public interest?

Let’s not pee around the bush on a topic this important:

I am suggesting, in fact, that that is just exactly what is happening in regards to the repurposing of the common cold. And the outcome of these experimental genetic “enhancements” is likely to be catastrophic on a global scale. What if the big money boys are successful in reducing earth’s population to five hundred million as some desire? Or what if the population is reduced to 3 billion and 2 billion “walking dead”. Because how many will die from the graphene oxide implants and how many will suffer disfigurements and other maladies and ailments is simply unknown at this point.

So, who is telling the truth and who is lying? Having had some experience with folks who enhoy telling stretchers, it’s normally the one who has nothing to gain or especially the one who has everything to lose by telling the truth, who is the guy i want to hear.

But, what the heck do i know? In five years, those not permanently incapacitated will know a lot more than we do today. Time has a way of bringing out the truth and that my friend, is no word of a lie.

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