how to make the perfect decision

You can’t.

So now that we have that out of the way, there’s nowhere to go but up!

Someone who knows me is going to laugh, but I am actually a perfectionist. And perfectionists are the worst decision-makers on the planet. Every time we get near to thinking “that’s what I’m gonna do!” another consideration pops in our heads and nullifies the whole process. It’s so frustrating!

Back in time I once had a boss and though our business relationship ended less than harmoniously, he did offer up a gem or too during our association, and one of these was the old trick of drawing a line down the center of a paper and putting the pros on one side and the cons on the other. That works pretty well but it does contain a germ of a defect.

What if , for example, you’re deciding whether or not to steal a Porsche and rip across town drunk and off an irritating in-law and all you see are “pros” with the one “con” being 30 years in the crowbar hotel? My point being not every pro and not every con carries the same weight! And whatever could we do about that little problem?

So in a rare moment of brilliant insight, it occurred that perhaps each pro and each con could be given a number between one and ten signifying it’s weight and the best decision derived by simply using the ciphering program they learned me in school!

Like they say, “it worked so well I quit using it”

But you could give it a try the next time you’re stumped!

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