my own personal great reset

Really at this point I cannot imagine anything the politicians fused with their oligarchs could possibly do to restore my faith in their noble intentions for the Untermenschen. In fact, “restore” is the wrong word entirely because that word indicates at some point I believed in them!  Yet, even in my youth I understood how the school system only performed because of the financial rewards my then overlords were receiving for their service of the state. 

Half a century has now gone by and nothing much has changed for the better. Younger and younger children are taken into the dumbing educational system and indoctrinated into the glories of socialism, liberalism, feminism, and all the isms, whilst their over-watchers feast on the stolen re-appropriated produce of the productive class.

So, instead of allowing the state to impose their great reset on me, I’ve decided on imposing my own version of the great reset on them.   Or to put it another way, “now, this is happening”:

There was a kid, back in my school days, who liked to push me around a bit. And one day, he got an unexpected surprise when instead of pushing back, I simply dropped to the floor in front of him, placed my feet in his belly and gave a great push, vaulting him high in the air. He landed behind me on his back with a soul-satisfying thud on the hard classroom linoleum, and that was the end of the pushing thing. I have since applied the principle many times in life, and it appears to me now that the GR provides yet another opportunity for it’s re-employment. Instead of resistance, would over-compliance be a valid option?

After many months of careful reflection, i have come to the conclusion that the solution for a state obsessed with money and the control it gives them over the public, is to avoid the use of their chosen currency, fiat money. Instead, I plan to opt out by the following means, and maybe some others: Resorting to simple barter wherever possible, living within my means, reducing my income to the point where income tax is no longer an issue, and doing more for my local neighbors for the simple stupid joy of helping each other out as necessary are all proven methods of opting out of statist control over one’s life. Statists use fiat money, and our learned dependence on it is the stick with which they beat us into submission. Remove ourselves from the need of state money and we remove the pointy stick of power from the powerful..

If going to the store is so terrifyingly dangerous that we need to stifle our breathing and keep two yards from every living thing, then perhaps we should not enter any store whatsoever? The effect of shutting down retail at all levels would be an end to a much needed tax revenue stream.

If flying and driving are destroying the climate, perhaps we should cease using gasoline at all? Cycling, walking, snowshoeing, hang gliding, skiing, swimming, paddling are all viable means of getting around and offer the further benefit of starving the state of a lucrative revenue stream. And Greta will sleep so much better too. Won’t that be nice?

Picking wild fruit, growing your own vegetables, hunting and fishing for your meat supply, heating your home with wood, also offer similar escapes from a system gone mad with power.

Building your own home, (yes you can) is a way to ditch 30 years of slavery to the parasitic banking class. Fixing your own vehicle (simpler with the older versions) offers a similar escape from the viza monster.

And lest we forget, whatever needs you may have, which you are unable to meet for yourself, there is likely someone nearby with the needed skills, and there are other rewards than money for services performed. Quite often, time can be traded for time at the community level, again throwing a wrench in the gears of our dear globalist’s hopes and dreams.

It would even be theoretically possible to refuse service to individuals who abuse their fake authority, despite their offers of financial enrichment. Maybe that would be going too far. You decide.

I am sorry it is coming to this. I would be near the front of the line, helping the state all i can if i believed in the direction our governments were taking us, but it is becoming all too apparent, that their desires for us do not include many plans for our personal enrichment at their own expense.

So these are a few of the steps i have taken to free myself, and it has worked quite well for me. You may want to implement one or two of them yourself, or, alternatively, you could just go on obliterating your face, sitting at home staring out the window, eating crap and praying no one noticed you taking your garbage to the street at 3 AM without a mask. Your call.

Great to see, apparently some people at least are making the move to ending their debt slavery which is a great first step! :

American Debt Slaves in Weirdest Economy Ever

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