that feeling…

That feeling when the sear releases and the hammer falls from a slow and gentle squeeze of the index finger… The smell of a fresh-oiled rifle stock… The sound of a well-polished, tight-tolerance bolt closing on a loaded round… The slow, unstoppable push against the shoulder and the appearance of a perfectly formed hole in the paper target downrange…

I like those feelings a lot but there’s another feeling I like even more. 

It’s the fuzzy feeling I get knowing i’m free to do the things that I believe need to be done, without having to ask permission from some or other bureaucratic entity, some drone in an earth-separated cubicle with whom I would never otherwise interact in real life. The kind who never have to wipe the grease from their hands before they shake your own.

Bill C-71 is now upon us, having been rammed through without my permission, or the blessing of the vast bulk of the firearms community, by a small fist-full of our dear shepherd overlords, despite the solemn assurance by the Yukon’s “liberal” MP, Mr Larry Bagnell, that the “liberals” would not be revisiting gun legislation during their mandate. Well, another broken promise from another souless politician but hey, I’m sure none of us expect nor even dare to imagine what true honesty would look like in the halls o’ power anymore. 200 politician-promises and a couple bucks will still get you a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

So, how will we respond to this latest attack on our freedoms, Canadians? And make no mistake, this legislation is an attack on friendly, considerate, polite, helpful canadians who like to take to the woods in the fall for a bit of wild canadian non-modified protein. 

What did we ever do to you Mr Prime Minister Trudeau, that you feel the need to kick us all in the ovaries like this? We’ve been complying quite well for the most part, getting our PALS and keeping them up-to-date, storing our firearms “safely” even though doing so may very well endanger our own lives, making them unavailable in a time of dire need. And now, we’re rewarded with still more flim-flamma-booble-bang?

Yes, it’s political folks, he’s probably betting he won’t get the vote of the outlaw redneck oil-baron crowd anyway so why not placate the snowflakes by further peeving them off but it could be something much darker even than that. 

Governments have killed more people in the last century than any Mexican drug cartel you can name, and the simple fact is that countries with absolute power over gun ownership have absolute authority over their citizens. Non-citizen-firearm-ownership-friendly Egypt reportedly has 60,000 prisoners in its jails, many of them political prisoners, and torture is not unheard of there, for but one small sample from a large heap of the world’s authoritarian dictatorships. ‎Value your freedoms!

And if our western politicians hate the idea of us owning a few pewpews, it just might be because they plan on doing things that might upset some gun owner somewhere. And one thing you can bet your gramma’s pajama’s on is that Justin Trudeau will be surrounded by guns wherever he goes! “Assault rifles” even. MAYBE a few of those hanguns that “no one needs” too?

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