Dumbness level: extreme

5000 years of technological advance and there is no such thing as a dumbness meter? It’s true. Look it up for yourself on Google! I did and I was, well, shocked! I mean what can you not find on Google?

But if there were a dumbness meter, I know one thing that would register pretty high on it!

Climate change is real! We’re estroying the planet! Mass extinctions are coming! Oil and gas: bad! Soybeans: good!

Solution? Quick! Let’s move tens of millions of people we call refugees from warm parts of the planet into one of the coldest parts!!

What sense does this make? Won’t this be a climate sin so big it will make Trump look like a church picnic?

First of all, these people have to be moved here and how do you propose doing that without oil? Should we float them over on pool toys? Even then, the plastic in a pooltoy is an oil product and ends up floating out there as yet more waste in the ocean so there’s that.

Next it’s quite reasonable to assume these tens of millions of new canadians are going to want to be fed, clothed and stay warm in the winter, and how is that going to be achieved without burning ever increasing amounts of oil and gas?

Let’s say, just for one tiny example, that one new member of a large family from Somalia lives in Winnipeg and becomes fascinated with a new drone he saw in a tech store in downtown Winnipeg. Problem is, it’s forty below and the wind is howling and it’s too far to walk, even all bundled up in his new canadian clothes made almost entirely of plastic! So he takes a taxi or a bus or the family car. Fuel fuel fuel and more fuel will be required for all of this but wait!

It’s all not a problem because oil tankers from saudi are lined up at the eastern ports and our dear leaders’ refiners will be happy to ramp up production to keep our Somalian example well-supplied with oil.

Butt, (and here is the enormous butt) I thought we were supposed to be reducing our consumption of this hated product, not tripling it?

Perhaps someone who is more on top of the climate movement can help me understand what I’m missing here. I’ll wait.

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