wood bullion


​A long time ago, one of our big game hunters, an Italian man from Chicago, gave me a piece of wisdom I’ve never forgotten: “we still cut a tree down at the bottom.”
Little did I know at the time how much a part of my future this small phrase was to become!

In fact, after 30 more years, I “still cut a tree down at the bottom”. It is, it appears, still the very best way. I have attempted the reverse in a few delicate situations, but while possible, it is time-consumptive and not a little bit more dangerous. 

As with all gems of wisdom, many applications of this one are possible. And the question of our day is how can we apply this one to free ourselves from the uber-elite, ruling class globalists who appear to rather despise and perhaps loathe the very people who toil with their hands and minds to make their luxurious, protected and pompous lives possible? 

The lowly tree, once again provides the clue to the defeat of the present day aristocracy: “we still cut down a tree at the bottom.”

The whole system, from the lowliest custodian to the Rothschilds themselves rests on a big fat base of fiat money. Now this fiat (printed and digital) money used to represent something tangible but it does so no more.

In fact, the dollar has an intrinsic value of exactly zero. It is by itself useful for absolutely nothing, zilch nada. The only thing that gives it value is our acceptance of it based on our trust that it will be accepted when we, in turn, go to spend it. And this trust is being eroded by the day as central banks print it and create more and more of it, like small children blowing bubbles in a park,  in a deliberate attempt to punish the savers in the working class and prevent them gaining full benefit from their work. Remember the dollars you saved when you were a child? The ones that actually bought something? They’ve been deliberately devalued and will continue being diluted until they are finally recognized for the garbage they are.

We forget that paper and digital currency are not the only forms of “money”. Just about anything you can name has been and will be used. We’ve just forgotten how. We need to be reminded that money was simply created as a convenience, so people wouldn’t have to go to the city with their pockets full of cows and so on.

Gold and silver are reliable stores of wealth, being rare and virtually impossible to destroy. But getting back to the topic of trees, if I may, even firewood can be stored for long periods of time and used as cash when needed. Call it “wood bullion” if you will, to give it an authoritative sounding currency name.  

Avoiding the use of fiat currency accomplishes many things you see. It is much more difficult to tax a swap than a sale! Loans between trusting friends avoid the loss of interest to the banking system…
But whatever we choose to use in place of cash, we need to re-learn the ancient art of bartering, I’m thinking, just to shake the tops of the trees a bit and see what might drop out of them.

You’re welcome.

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