speech! speech! free dumb!

So what can we learn from the sudden, shocking and inglorious demise of beloved sports commentator Don Cherry’s lengthy and colorful career?

It is doubtful in the extreme that the only reason for the termination was his utterance of those horrible soul-disfiguring and callously-uttered two words put together within a much longer sentence, but that is the official reason given.

Butt, if we are to accept that the decision was made completely apart from any other reasons, then we should all be utterly embarassed for what our two adjoining countries have become.

It is ridiculous in the extreme for an octogenarian to lose one of his last enjoyable outlets in life over a simple utterance of a personal, deeply held conviction, namely that those who fought and died for Canada deserve to be honored. Whether you disagree with his statement or concur wholeheartedly, surely you must agree he should be allowed to tell it like it is! Again and again in fact! If not, go to your room and stay there until i say you can come out. Could be awhile, bring some chips..

The shredding of Don Cherry’s career is however, merely symptomatic of a much deeper issue. Are we to all conclude that we must wear a govt approved filter over our mouths, thumbs and bonnets, whether we are at home, or at work or at play, for fear that a frigging albatross on the wing may report us to some or other rights tribunal, and then suffer the consequences accordingly? Because there are countries like that already, countries we used to refer to as “developing” or less kindly as “third world countries” with tinpot dictators ruling by force over their “banana republics” enforcing their authority in their “kangaroo courts”. A casual bystander might conclude that our society stands in awe and admiration of such jungely domains!

Our leadership, in its ne-er daunted quest for not only huge changes in our diversity-land but YUGE changes demographically, is most likely patting itself on the back while sipping cognac in some diversity friendly safe zone for this latest victory against any and all who would even indirectly, dare to point to an issue or a difference between us kanuckistanians..

And the odd and somewhat ironic thing about it all is this: the very word diversity would mean nothing at all, if there were not some differences among us, isn”t that right?

They should have given it a bit more thought though, these powers that be, rather than making a martyr out of Don Cherry, and royally pissing off nearly every member in the Canadian military, young and old, perhaps they could have killed the career of someone else who dared to mention the dreaded phrase instead, and don’t look at me for any suggestions…………. you people.

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