now i know my ABCs…

You dont have to be all that old to remember a time in Canada when the news was all about simple facts. I think it was almost like a journalistic religion back then: you do not allow your personal biases to enter your news reporting. Of course, editorial opinion leeched into the published version of certain stories and there was an element of political manipulation possible even in the choice of which stories were going to be hammered out for the “general public” but for the most part, news stories were simply that.

Butt, Behold, all of that has changed…

Where a seven car pileup would previously have seen print, we instead endure, (or at least those of us possessed of a tv) bobbleheads opinionating and bloviating and ranting on about their preferred special viewpoint on the topic of the day. And that topic of the day, will be chosen by the ownership of the newspaper, television station, radio, whatever the conduit may happen to be. Havent you noticed how a theme will dominate the news for weeks, months or even years, and suddenly POOF, it will disappear without a trace, never to be spoken of again?

Imagine your last name is Rothschild, or Soros, or Rockefeller and you have about exhausted the pleasures to be found in this life, and all those billions are sitting there idle. What do you think you would do with them, just for entertainment? Would you consider playing around with whole nations and populations of people, manipulating the world like a giant chess board? I hope you would not! But I think we can all agree, that psychopathic personalities do in fact exist, who would get more than a happy tingle up the spine to watch the mayhem being unleashed in Hong Kong, or Paris, or London or Prague these days.

And if you were to get your warm fuzzies in such a fashion, how to best go about it? Well, obviously, by controlling media outlets!

I had a weekly column in a fairly well distributed paper, and it ran for over a year i think, until the day i voiced my opinion that “Abortion is Murder”. Full stop on that column. That was the end of that! And why? Well, obviously, freedom of the press meant something different to me than it did to the obscure owner of the paper, or perhaps merely the editor of same, and whether you agree with my opinion or not is irrelevant to the point that that the owners of the media outlets are going to feed you raw sewage if they want you to be as full of crap as some of them obviously are.

A lot of people can’t the daily tweeter, and why is this so? How are the opinions of millions of people formed toward the man with the billowing bouffant and the memorable tweeting capacity? How many of those millions, who feel like strangling him under four hundred feet of hydrogen dioxide, actually had any direct or indirect contact with the man himself? So where did this seething mass of hostility originate? Not from the media itself, no.

Perhaps a better more accurate determination could be made if we were to consider the question from another angle, namely, who has the most to gain from the removal from office of the current chairman? And I’ll leave that particular question unanswered so i dont get suicided next week. Believe me i have no intention of that! Life is way too fun to check out at the front desk just yet!

And now that i have totally convinced you to chuck your tv forever, do i have any suggestions for feeding the quite natural appetite for the news of the day? Why yes i do, so strange you should ask!!

Ive found to be particularly useful, largely focused on the financial system and its looming collapse and degradation.

Stacy Herbert and Max Keiser put out some extremely entertaining videos in the, also largely focused on the financial system of the USA but with some delightful sidebars at times.

Another page worth a visit is which some may find useful as they consider ways of surviving and prospering in the coming meltdown. Also, useful, are, and

These few should get you started on your rehabilitation program from a constant diet of misrepresentations and falsehoods you’ve become addicted to on the Alphabet media.

Youre entirely welcome. (And now you know why Im so paranoid) Lol.

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