the loathesome disease of statism



​   Wikipedia defines “Statism” as “… the belief that the state should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree…”  Now obviously, people have several beliefs, not all of which are correct.  In times past, students were taught that scientific viewpoints developed through someone presenting a hypothesis, or theory on a subject, which was not to be taken as absolute fact really at any point.  Experimentation would then be performed which would either support or refute the theory and the theory would then be altered to conform to the growing body of evidence for or against.

The purpose of this writing is to present the idea that Statism has for many years taken on many of the characteristics of a religion.  

When we see clips of the North Koreans for example, and the current leader is strutting about waving,  there are people waving frantically, shouting his praises, tears of joy and admiration streaming down faces.  If this is not worship, it surely is a kissing cousin to it.
Obama’s initial victory celebration was a similar display.  The enormity of the crowd thrilling to his takeover of the presidency of the United States was impressive by itself.  The cheering was so heartfelt and vocal that he could hardly complete his victory speech.

Similar enthusiasm has been shown for other world political leaders through history, though they all have had their detractors.  We’ve all seen the grainy videos of Adolph Hitler and the enormous crowds cheering him on to victory with heartfelt exuberance.

And what of the  comments we hear daily on the street anytime there is a problem, real or perceived?  The response is nearly always, “the government should…..”  Its as if they had almost omniscient power to solve problems when in reality, many of those involved have no desire to solve our problems coupled with even less means of solving them.  When approached with a real issue, almost to the man, the response will invariably be, “my hands are tied” “the courts have spoken on this issue.”, “let me refer you to my colleague over in…”.  Simply translated, what it means is, “I will get my paycheque to the penny automatically deposited to my account on the designated day.  Why are you here and how soon can you leave so i can go back to admiring my reflection in the office mirror?”

Perhaps I am being a bit unkind.  Certainly there are those within the system who view themselves as needed members of society, there to direct the help to those who need it the most, and i myself have been the beneficiary of the system at various times.    And yet, some sense that the power of government to involve itself in the minute details of our daily lives is limited seems to be generally lacking.  And what is even more baffling is the fact that any adult human being would fall to the ground in adoration of a system which is currently confiscating well over 50 percent of our earnings whilst providing dubious benefits such as bombing foreign countries into oblivion and murdering foreign officials for the sake of some vague concept called democracy.  

Perhaps, human beings were created with an innate desire to worship Someone and when that purpose is suppressed through lack of belief in a Superior Being or for general hostility towards him, the worship goes helter skelter to hockey teams, govt officials, the latest shoe design or even ones own personal self.  Not that there is any of that going on these days, I just mention it as an idea, a sort of you know, hypothetis, if you will?

​And who knows, maybe we can be forgiven for giving the glory for our present state of general well-being to the state.  After all, it has the general appearance of a Provider, Protector, Source of all knowledge, puppies  and all things wonderful in our lives,  even if all of these things would be there without it.

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