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0 Comments Nooo internet?? Whatever shall we dooo??

Both the left and the right claim the moral high ground as the libertarian scoffs at the mere concept of any grown adult being controlled by his nanny-state like some wayward brat.

Meanwhile, national debts in most countries spiral space-ward in great sweeping uncontrollable arcs.  Amid all this confusion it’s easy enough to catapult blame; nearly impossible to fix the problems or even point to a workable solution.

One must be found though, and soon, or we shall all be “grinning like dogs ourselves, and running about this ‘ere swamp, ‘ardly happreciating the difference between christmas and easter.”
(R.M.Patterson. The Dangerous River)

And as Mr Public begins to experience the inevitable shortages the coming currency/business collapse will create he will become more and more unruly.  The controlling sector will of course resort to some sort of shock and awe-inspiring response with increasing militarization right here where we live.

How will we who find ourselves on the less-pleasant end of this pokey stick respond? How will we cope? Will we cow to the threat of violence and  comply with whatever orders we’re given? Will we “temporarily” dump even our morals for survival purposes? Short of massive civil disobedience, what steps can we take to protect what we value?

Well, here’s a couple er three ideas.  Take ’em or leave ’em.  One thing I’ve noticed is that we are most vulnerable when we’re on the move. The man at home flipping channels rarely gets “carded” or receives a traffic ticket.  Which is not to say no one should travel. Of course it will be necessary. Just take advantage of whatever opportunities for limiting travel  there may be and travel when surveillance is most likely to be offline.

Secondly, it will be difficult to perform any kind of undetected transaction when cash is confiscated & disallowed “to fight criminal activity and terrorism”.  Bartering goods and services may be useful should it come to that. In fact it is a useful system already and certainly done even on  international levels. Not every transaction needs to be converted to tax-vulnerable dollars.  Owning some silver or gold coins might come in handy but in a national food shortage situation, nothing is likely to compare to the buying power of a bag of rice.

Thirdly, communication. How will you connect with your network if the internet goes black for the “middle class”? Haven’t done much with this one so far but ham radio, CBs, FRS are all possibilities. Having a common pre-designated remote meeting point might be some kind of a a plan.

In all these things, of course, one hopes that some thought and preparation ahead of time may prevent “didn’t see that one a’comin'”.

Actually I plan to survive the whole thing even after I “depart this mortal coil” and that’s why i’m not really all that afraid of what’s coming to the little blue planet, third rock from the sun, having made my peace long ago with the One who formed the human eye.  (Does He not see?”) And a personal caveat: I don’t know what will come of all this and I’m not saying any of the above scenario will play out in fact. Like the woodcutter who was asked which way the tree he was cutting would fall responded. “How should I know? I’m not a bloody prophet!”

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