of monkeys bananas and trees


Answer: Doug Martens.

Seriously though, there is an ancient African proverb I just made up about an elephant who makes a deal with a local monkey.  The monkey is to bring him all the bananas he can eat and in return the elephant promises him protection from the jaws of the local lion.

This arrangement works for a time but the monkey grows restless and leaves for a week or two.   the elephant decides this will never do so he shackles the monkeys ankles with a pair of large coconuts so he will be easier to round up when the need for his services arises.

Next morning the elephant is feeling peckish and asks the monkey to do his thing, to which the monkey replies, “Sir, these coconuts you have provided me with are just too heavy and i can no longer climb the tree.
Perhaps this morning you could just reach up the tree with your great, giant nose and pick your own?”

In a rage the elephant picks the monkey up with his trunk and dashes him against the tree, killing him instantly, and no one ate bananas in that part of the jungle for some time.

There are some principles in this ancient parable which relate quite directly to the  times of introspection in which the oil and other industries find themselves.  Hopefully, the result of all these businesses closing their doors will not be as tragic as that met by the unfortunate monkey.

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