the enemy is fear


​Like Donald Trump and the CNN, fear and love cannot co-exist. In fact “perfect love drives out fear”. Strangely, the opposite is also true: Perfect fear drives out love. And that is a big problem! When I camp out under the stars in the yukon, my food cache is placed some distance away so that if a bear should wander through my camp at night, (I’ve had it happen at least twice, probably more times, I sleep pretty “sound”ly!) I want him to have the option of eating something already prepared. And I do something else. I keep a .45/70 beside me within handy reach because I want the veto on who eats who!

​On my recent trip to Europe, I saw nary a bear. The country would lend itself very well to these entertaining creatures, but fear of them has caused them to be destroyed. I personally think that is rather sad. It’s also a bit comforting when you roll out the bedding for the long dark night!

​Fear has had a YUGE effect on us wee humans! Is fear a powerful human emotion? It has prompted us to invent and manufacture burglar alarms, anti-virus software, helmets, bullet-resistant haha vests, install nuclear bunkers, build enormous battleships and mighty armies. What’s the last thing you bought because of fear? Who have you avoided or ignored or even mistreated because of some fear? Don’t we pay our taxes and fines because we fear the penalty of not doing so?

Perfect fear drives out love. Infact, if all human fear disappeared tonight, whole business sectors would collapse overnight! The insurance industry, all security-related businesses, the safety-equipment  sector would evaporate immediately for a few examples. Many of you would stay in bed because it’s simply the fear of losing your paycheck that’s getting you up and out the door in any weather.

Not all fears are bad! But when we begin to fear the people around us to the degree that’s happening now, I fear the inevitable outcome!

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