military aggression

Military aggression falsely hiding under the term “defence”. What a laugh! As if I would defend my home by travelling to Bangkok and killing someone there. This is ridiculous, evil and needs to stop…Now! Many individuals have truly “paid the ultimate sacrifice” trying to stop military aggression. Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, to name two. There is YUGE money in war. This is how the elitists rose to world financial dominance. The individuals profiting from these “conflicts” are to blame and sometimes, indirectly, so are you and me! Let’s get involved in fighting for more control of how our taxes are misused.

In order to slam the brakes on these abuses of power, it will be necessary for men of courage to come forward and take a stand.  It’s not a matter of military might, shooting up the bad guys and walking off ignoring the explosion behind you.  All that results from that is more “peeved off” citizens who have had to bury their dead because we made them dead.  Of course this triggers more violence and the cycle never ends.  We need to get truly accountable government.  It is possible and it has been done before with outstanding results.  Consider, how tiny man Ghandi overthrew the whole British Empire by taking a passive stance and refusing to bow to the authorities of his day.  India is free of British colonialism to this day because his approach did the trick!  We need similar men and women today.  Most of us recognize these days, the insanity of being forced through taxation to fund endless ‘conflicts’ overseas, the ludicrous absurdity of being forced to fund even the mechanism for enforcing taxation on ourselves!  

 It can’t be right to refuse the refugees of wars you initiate access to food and medical care.  This is a cruel and confusing dictate.  Hopefully reason and a desire for  a better world for innocent victims of criminal warfare will eventually rule the day.
And it can’t be right to isolate a nation by building walls as if for a herd of cattle.

What we need to see, and shortly, is a cutting back of the absurd levels of military funding.  Massive cuts to the multi-layered federal and state bureacrazies would also bring about the conditions required for growth and the hope of a better morning tomorrow.  Andrew Jackson had the right idea back in the 1800s.  When a desire to truly improve things takes hold, it can and will be done, hopefully in a peaceful but were essential, in a forceful manner.

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