oh cubanada

​In a discuss with a facebook friend the topic of left wing, right wing politics came up and to simplify and boil down my understanding of what a left winger is, i made the statement that left wingers are lazy and want everything for free and they want the rich to be taxed to pay for it, while the right wingers are the hard-working types.

​True though it might be, it wasn’t all that well received by my left-leaning social media friend. It seems “I always know exactly what to say!” So to gain a better personal understanding of the wings i decided to look into a more formal definition because obviously there are other issues involved and often an individual’s preference overlaps back and forth between the two disciplines.  

What if we all came rubber-stamped in advance with an L or an R on our foreheads?  Wouldn’t that save us a lot of time and argumentation? Then we might go a step farther and divide the country into the two camps and see who fares the best.  Can you hear it?  The caterwaulin’, the hue and the cry from the parasitic class?  But, but, … muh free ride from cradle to coffin!!!

Actually i am a bit puzzled about what exactly all the differences really are and the line seems to be blurred with lefties tripping over to the right side and vice versa, like so many unfaithful partners on a moonless friday night.  Why not a greater fidelity with your chosen wing?  Is everything optional?  And if so, what are we even talking about?  Right wing, left wing, takes two wings to fly???  That one i understood better when i found myself fixing my old generator.  The governor wasn’t governing, the spark plugs weren’t sparking right and the pistons weren’t nevermind. Well, anyway.   It was pretty sweet to see how the governor works.  Weights slide out from the centre as the rpm increases and that works a little lever that controls the fuel flow to the carburetor, or like that.  This clever device keeps the engine from over-revving.  Made me wonder if there might be some merit in the idea of cooling an overheating economy through taxation and redistribution.  And, see, there i go, toying with the dark side!!

Why am I right wing? Well, this goes back a frightening long time to when i was a little rascal (dad had another more descriptive term)  growing up on a saskatchewan prairie farm/ranch.  I needed a jackknife pretty bad, that one in the store, with the “premium stock knife” stamped on the blade, the bone handle and the comfortable feel.  But the needed 3.65 was no where to be found in my immediate surroundings.  As i wrestled with the problem, a thought struck me, (ouch!!) and i asked my dad what a flat tire costs him.  What if i picked the rusty nails from the farmyard dirt so that would cease to happen?  We struck a deal and i got my knife!  My first business!  Of course nowadays, it would probably be an illegal business, unlicensed and woefully unregulated as it was,  but back then, it all worked just fine.

A simple story, but the main reason i have always believed in finding a market and supplying its needs when i need resources myself.  And my heart goes out to anyone who CANNOT work, but in reality, almost anyone able to digest cream of wheat should be able to produce some kind of a product.  But what do we see in our land today?  Millions of young, fit, able men and women producing jack while collecting benefits meant for leg-draggers and service dog owners.

In fact, I see two classes of parasites, upper and lower, and the upper one is living a lot better than the worker ants.  And isn’t it fascinating that the whole system, which now in effect penalizing the very people who drive the trucks, who till the soil, who repair the fords in order to keep the nursery rich with mothers milk, began as an argument in favour of “helping the poor”?

Personally i am highly suspect when someone approaches me asking for resources for old uncle Bob who broke a leg and it’s his wife’s birthday and she’s threatening to break his other leg if he forgets this year so he sent me to get something to buy his wife a gift, but when the government does it, we all just lie down right there on the ground, begging to be robbed.  Oh pppplease, just take my money. Sir!!

And why is it exactly, that although calculations have shown we work well into the fall just for the purpose of paying our fair share, it is still not enough and here in resource rich Cubanada we find ourselves sending our finance minister all over the globe with hat in hand, begging for loans to fund our liability, currently estimated at around a trillion with a tr golden loonies?  Why oh why  wasn’t stripping us of all worldly goods enough to satisfy the needs of the sidewalk class?  Why is anybody on the street with near one hundred percent  taxation?  

Like the Judge said, “You mean to tell this court that you killed this poor woman simply to rob her of a couple quid?” and then the reply, “Well your honor, a pair of quid ‘ere and another couple there and it starts to really add up!”  Or using our current fiscal model, a couple billion ‘ere and a couple there…

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