You’re rolling down the highway.  Windows down, enjoying the smells and sights as the country flows by the darkened view of your tinted lenses.  Then, BOOM!  Tire blown, you’re busy, fighting the wheel, finally bringing your finely crafted machinery to a halt in a cloud of dust and smoking hot rubber.

Do you change all four tires, trade vehicles, sue all the tire and car manufacturers in the world for the mental cruelty you just endured?  No, the sane thing to do is swap the blown tire for a new one and motor happily on!  This is so obvious, you are probably feeling a little offended having me explain such basics to a seasoned pro driver like yourself.  And yet, there’s a point to be made as it relates to the rash of multiple shootings with which we are being confronted.

Already there are questions of all sorts going around, and a large number of people question every news report on the tele, and probably wisely at that!  For instance, how is it possible to have in depth reporting and full front page news with multiple opinion columns all over the media within 24 hours of the actual carnage?  Its almost as if the stories have been prepared before the event, just like right after 911!

Not to mention, there  are vested interests in the military industrial complex, the news media, and the US government itself, which can all be expected to profit from every provocation to war.  Governments apparently all over the world, are quite interested in making us all into disarmed, helpless sheep.  This of course, makes any population that much easier to control, use, or even exterminate for that matter.

All that aside, the thing is, it is mighty unfortunate that when an event such as Orlando occurs or is fabricated for our entertainment,  all sorts of ridiculous unworkable “solutions” are proposed, such as bombing the Muslims, building walls around the non-muslims, changing the laws around firearms ownership, further complicating life for non-violent gun owners.

All of these divisive “solutions” are useless in stopping mass killings and all have been and are being tried.

Here’s a radical new one:  Carry out justice by trial and sentence of the perpetrator of the crime ….     only.  Change the flat one and motor on.  It is possible that another mass shooting may occur, yes, but can anyone bring an argument to the table that holds more water than a well-shotgunned balloon that bombing muslims in Syria or anywhere in the middle east you can name is going to somehow even reduce the violence allegedly occuring all over the United States?  The dude was supposedly from Afghanistan, a nation that should be totally terrorist-free for many years now.  We all know the definition of insanity.  Why then, do we continue to support governments, businesses, religions and  media who insist on engaging in it?

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