give me control…

​When Mayer Amschel Rothschild, written also Anschel, (23 February 1744 – 19 September 1812) joined the banking industry, it is doubtful he had any intention of enslaving most of the entire world in perpetual gov-fueled debt.

And yet, that is what some his very clever descendants accomplished.  And if you grasp almost nothing else of the lessons that the last two centuries of history are there to teach, you really need to understand the significance of what his descendants accomplished in the field of banking.

In any true democracy, elected officials maintain their power over the people by keeping the majority happy.  There are moral issues with this but for now, let’s let that lie.  A popular means of accomplishing this has been to announce that the wealthy are the problem and need to be taxed and their wealth redistributed amongst the impoverished, and who of us doesn’t feel just a bit impoverished now and again?    You are poor, it is taught,  not because of your laziness and your many addictions but because of the vexatious oppression of un-named capitalists.  Elect the talker and he will fix all of that,  goes the bedraggled old spiel.

Now one of the Rothschilds recognized that in this system there would be an insatiable need for currency to satisfy the cravings of the masses and that politicians would inevitably cave to public demand.  Now if the governments of nations were to print their own money to fulfill these requirements to stay in office, well enough and fine.  But, how would the banking industry benefit from this arrangement, playing second fiddle to all the governments of the world?  Better to have them all begging at your doorstep, no?

Some politicians can be bought and some cannot.  The ones that could be bought fell to the scam and the others were by one means and another, swept aside.  John F Kennedy was possibly one of these.  He saw the issue with having a privately owned banking cartel printing money from thin air and borrowing it to the government at interest.  He understood that this would inevitably enslave the public through the creation of huge amounts of unrepayable public debt and spoke against it.  Draw your own conclusions about who shot him and why.  

Now this last bit affects you and me and everyone else in the room.  Giving an exclusive  license to print a countries currency to any private individual would never have flown by the people of the United States had it been put to a vote and so the Central Bank of the States was named the Federal Reserve, indicating falsely that it is owned by the people for the people.  It is most decidedly not.  A backroom deal if ever there was one!

And so, here we are today, almost every nation on earth indebted to the Rothschilds banking empire, which was created by an arguable fraud in the first place.  Counterfeiting is a serious offence after all, whether done legally or illegally.  Anyone have any non-violent ideas on how to put things right?   If we do not put a stop to the public borrowing of privately printed currency very soon, this is one group who will shortly own much more than the half the world they currently control.  Maybe it doesn’t matter who our descendants spend their working lives desperately
​struggling to repay, but i think it does. 

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