atheists on the horns of a dilema


​Atheists, like other religious extremists, are a curious bunch.  Someone once said that agnosticism makes a lot of sense and is probably the most honest of all beliefs because who, really, can honestly say they are one hundred percent certain their belief in God is correct? Isn’t it true that the most certain of all our beliefs is suspect, that there could possibly be another explanation for whatever belief we hold most dear?

But atheists are in another camp.  Having determined no doubt through years of exhausting research that there is no God, they set out to fight against those poor fools who believe in Him.  And I dare to question their research!  Isn’t it possible that God is in fact, very tiny for instance?  Maybe He could fit inside a single molecule.  In that case, every molecule in the universe would have to be examined, which would take quite awhile, according to the latest research.  And what of the possibility He could move from molecule to molecule while the research is going on, in which case we have to examine every molecule at least twice to be certain “there is no God”?

Or He could be entirely invisible like say radioactivity, air (usually) radio waves, magnetism, sound waves, gravity, or the benefits of unlimited taxation.  In this case, how would we ever find Him or prove He does not exist?  And logically speaking, if He formed the human eye and gave it sight, it should not be too difficult to build a way to get around the problem of being seen by the eye He designed. So scientifically speaking, it is impossible to make the determination with absolute certainty that “there is no God”.

And here i’ll make a stunning admission: Even though i do believe in God i do not believe in the tooth fairy or even *gasp* in Santa.  (Not to mention the letters spelling santa can be rearranged to spell satan. Ooops i just mentioned that! My bad)

And though i don’t believe in the tooth fairy I don’t go around loudly proclaiming that fact.  I don’t argue at the coffee shop with my buddies saying, “come on guys, you know there’s no such thing.  You could leave a million teeth under a million pillows for a million billion trillion  years and no tooth fairy would ever leave a dollar there”.  And what is the reason I don’t do that?  Because even though i dont believe in the tooth fairy, I don’t hate the tooth fairy.  He or she or ze (haha) just doesn’t exist so why would i  bother?

And yet the atheists go on arguing against the existence of God, (which cannot be scientifically proven).  Why do they do this?  Does it bother them that others believe and even worship this non-existent Being, or do they simply hate God and claim they don’t believe in Him to get him back for not answering their prayer or for letting their pet  orangutan die?  Well, I don’t know the answer to that question but I bet its a bit different in every case.

And why does all of this even matter?

It matters because if the God of Moses does not exist, then the law he gave Moses in the form of the 10 suggestions is absolutely irrelevant and certainly should not be followed with absolute certainty.  Furthermore, none of our laws should be based on it either.  And that is what we are seeing in our courtrooms today.  People rage when a convicted killer is set free as recently happened in who could have guessed california? Why are they upset?  Most scientists and anonymous sources agree there is no god so the ten suggestions don’t matter either.  We got here through millions of years of evolution and survival of the fittest after all.  That deportee was stronger than the young girl he killed; it’s just natures way of weeding out the weak and the sick!  

Do you find that argument reprehensible?  You should!  But how, without God and His Ten Commandments, do you argue people shouldn’t kill each other at Walmart on a Friday night?  How do you argue that human life is more important than animal life?  Plenty of horses have been shot for no greater crime than spraining an ankle, and now gramma’s hip is broken and she’s suffering there in that great big house that my whole family could be enjoying right now anyway, so thanks for all the cookies but…

So what do we use to argue its wrong to kill each other?  Our feelings?  Okay, lets try that one.  We live in a democracy, ostensibly anyway, so if the majority feel it’s wrong to kill each other, then we’ll just pass a law about it.  But wait!  There are times when most people feel hatred for an individual, maybe a child molester or some other miscreant for example.  Is it “ok” to kill such people?  Let’s vote on it. (I really like the Swiss system for deciding on ticklish subjects like that one.  They have referendums on almost everything.  We should follow their example.  It would stop a whole lot of oligarchs in their golden paths. But anyway)  Do you see the path we’re on and why we’re on it?  Judges making decisions all over the world, without any solid absolute basis in law.  Just referring to past decisions in other cases and public outcry and like that.   Kind of like Pilate sending Christ to the cross, not because of his own opinion, but because of the crowd screaming at him.  So he caved to peer pressure.  Wouldn’t you?

So i sit here kind of amused watching  law and order breaking apart into little sects, choosing what sort of laws they want in their little enclaves and then having to fix and adjust them constantly, law books piling up in law librairies all over the land like so much cordwood, nobody really understanding what is legal and what is not anymore, cops making arrests in debatable matters and letting the “courts sort it out” and they are so, so good at that, arent they?

But back to all you atheists for a minute.  Why, if you so firmly don’t believe, are you so adamant about ramming your non-beliefs down the rest of our throats?  Why, is every cross everywhere on earth suddenly ‘offensive”, for example?  Some of you fight religion wherever you find it, and so successfully have you been that people everywhere have become afraid to even mouth the words “Merry Christmas” at the time of the year when the saviour of their own souls was born?  But fight on, brave atheist, the battle is not yet won. It must be discouraging at times to consider the billions of people on the planet who still believe, despite all of your efforts.  And should you succeed in your quest to eliminate faith, you will face your greatest challenge when you come face to face with Uknowwho…

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