so where would you like your taxes directed sir?

Ooops! Just gave my whole idea away with the title.  Must be more vigilant in the future!
But hey.

After 25 years of doing much the same thing during my work-week, i sort of go on auto-pilot.  And despite all the warnings from my well-meaning Dad, fail to keep my mind and my body together.  Hence the title of this blog, skull-tripper.  Take a trip and never leave your job!

A few days ago, while working away with the chainsaw, then, this little idea popped in, quite unannounced.  (It would have been scary if there would have been trumpets)  What if we could direct our taxes to the department we wish to support?  Granted, paying no taxes whatsoever would be my first choice, but that seems unattainable for the moment.  And yet, perhaps the ratchet principle could be used in reverse to gradually reverse the noose around all of our collective necks .  You know, for the good of the collective, as it were?  

Wouldnt it be neat to arrive at the end of your T1, (The form we canucks use to divest ourselves of worldy wealth once a year) and have before you a drop-down list of governmental services.  What I’m picturing is something like this:

  • Department of Waste and Mismanagement
  • Department of Child and Elder Abuse
  • Department of Gold-digging Statesmen
  • Department of Dirty Laundry to be used by a subsequent Ruling Class
  • Department of Good Stuff like Hospitals and ROADS
  • Cops
  • Parking Meter Guy
  • Place I drop Billy off each morning so i dont have to put up with him  all day. Yay

 Well, you get the drift.  Since we all have to do our bit to keep the country running, and since this is supposed to be a ‘democracy” wherein the majority decides what is to be done, maybe it is finally time to stop electing one person and giving him/her/it our personal pin numbers so they can rob us blind and decide to subsidize all the investments in their portfolio, not that That would ever happen!

So, thats my idea and you’re very welcome!

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