social media: the new smoke signals


George Orwell, in his famous writing “1984” allegedly posited that “the people will not revolt. They will not look up from their screens long enough to notice what’s happening.”

But lets cut the poor chap some slack, shall we? So he was off by a couple decades. So what?

The fact is, a lot of us rely on social media as a communication platform these days, some even to the exclusion of any actual social life whatsoever. This is a “bad”  I won’t even try to fix.

I do have a suggestion about how to deal with the current ridiculous level of censorship farcebook and twooter are applying through means of algorithms.  Its as if you are trying to shout an important message to your friends and Zuck starts up a jackhammer to make sure your friend doesn’t hear a word you are saying.  Am I the only one who doesn’t like this?

When I post a thing to an SM platform, I expect it to be seen by a fair portion of my contacts, not have an algorithm decide to cherry pick the two people I’ve recently contacted and send it only to their page. So as a means of communicating thoughts, let’s give these two a great big F for FAIL. The stock market is currently agreeing with me on this but will anyone listen?

In my own personal experience, Farcebook used to be enjoyable as random people posted random stuff, much of it entertaining and often hilarious. As time went on, though, changes were introduced and interesting memes became unacceptable and right-wing straight conservative thinking suppressed. I migrated to twitter with the idea of using it to express my political opinion, and leaving farcebook to the rats and the wolves, using it basically for posting scenery pics and the occasional joke.

Now that twootter has suppressed free thought nearly totally i’m shifting to GAB.  It’s far more unsterilized, far more entertaining and raw and my own stuff is being noticed and responded to at about 5 to 10 times the frequency of either farceboook or twootter. This in spite of the fact that I have more than double the followers on each of both!

The nail in the coffin for farcebook was selling, lending or giving personal messages to various companies. Wutt?

Wutt gives them the right to profit from personal communications between individuals using their platform, “free” though it may be? 

My two accounts are still active, but going more dormant by the day. I’ll be using them to promote my business and for very little else.  Gab is great and I highly recommend it.

As far as communication goes though, the people that figure most predominantly in my life will be getting text messaged. I note that texts normally arrive where they’re being sent, don’t involve any social media platform, and are capable of being used to distribute photos, links and even short videos. Why not use texting more? The trick will be to avoid annoying my contacts to the point of causing a pack of them to chant death slogans at my house at 3 AM in the morning, and I think this should be possible by using texting sparingly and targeting my contacts with  thoughts and information relevant to them and their needs. 

Nobody wants to be spammed thirty times a day. If you doubt that, read this article thirty times and get back to me. I’ll probably just be here, just staring at my screen expectantly…
​And may God have mercy on us all…

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