low level talks

Had brunch at the Yukon Motel this morning with my good friend Jim Smarch and another gent from down under, whom we both just met. (What do you call a mix between lunch and dinner btw, cause I have those too!)

We compared skin color of our hands and with my summer tan you could hardly see any difference at all. Allan, the Australian bloke was part indigenous, part irish, and there was an instant connection between Jim and Allan, though they live separated by the thickness of an entire whole planet!

The indigenous of Australia and Canada have a lot in common and it speaks well for both of these dudes that they even allowed a scammer (white person) to sit at their table due to the rather sad “white-man” history that travels with me wherever I go. But that’s all in the past and best left back there. Also not what this story is about anyway so can we just forget it oKAy!?!?
One of Allan’s stories will be forever branded in my memory:

Allan had a dream in which he was sitting by a campfire with an Old Man and an Old Woman. The Old Woman was just sitting there smiling and putting out warmth and love.  

The Old Man asked Allan why he was crying and he replied, because of all the damage we have done to Mother Earth!!

The Old Man replied, “your mother and I have talked about this and your mother can heal. But what your mother and I would like to see is that You get well.”

I found this to be a profoundly fascinating dream. I’ve heard that in Japan, at the site of the nuclear detonation, there is a monument and flowers and people walking about as if nothing had ever taken place there. In Freiburg Germany photographs taken after the war show absolute destruction to the point of turning the entire city into a mound of rubble. Go there today and you’d never guess…

Yes the earth can and does heal eventually from the most awful damage folks are capable of inflicting on her. It’s mankind which in danger of never getting it right and that is where we all need to focus our energy at this point.

And i’m no expert on that but I think the ability to see things from a point of view not your own is a good first step…

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