lil miss understanding

I know we aren’t supposed to call the natives in north america “indians” because the real indians will get offended.  No. That isn’t the reason.  It’s a misnomer, like the cypress hills which haven’t seen a cypress tree in forever.

All of that being said, i have an indian philosopher for a friend and he comes up with the coolest thoughts at times.  His latest?  He said, and i paraphrase to hide the fact i have a memory like a german battle tank after the second world war,: ” The main thing, the very most important main thing about communication is how it is received.”  Well now, isn’t that just a great thought?

I am a hunter though these days my hunting is being done much more often with my nikon than with my Marlin, and it has been my experience with hunting that it isn’t the type of gun that sends the bullet or the brand of ammunition that is soo very important, but how the bullet is received that makes all the difference in the world.  And it is the exact same thing with human communicatio!

Another smart person i know is my third son who recently opined that, ” humans weren’t designed for texting.”  That struck me like a bannock-slap from big Jim’s frying pan hand!   I have recently noted that a friend and i had exchanged 36,000 texts, let alone emails and other correspondence and wow, ain’t it the truth!  The misunderstandings alone in those texts could write a long and beastly-boring book.  To say that misunderstandings are frequent would be an understatement, a gross understatement.  That’s why God gave us emoticons, so we could include a facial expression to show we shouldn’t be taken seriously when we call the other party a jerk.  If it were not for emoticons, the world as we know it would cease to exist, birds would fall out of the air for the hate internet waves all about them and politicians all over the world would cease to speak, unable to make any meaningless promises whatsoever.  Emoticons really are the stuff dreams are made of and prepositions are something you should never end a sentence with, i know.

Solution? I sure wish i knew.  If you find one let me know.  It may have to do with a technique i as a man, know absolutely nothing about, listening and asking for clarification, but if you know something i don’t, go for it and avoid misunderstandings like the one above this piece and God  be with you my friend as you seek understanding in a textiing world darkened by the lack of emoticons and dimmed by hellish misunderstandings.

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