freedom chains


According to Canada’s debt clock, we’ve gallantly dipped into the national credit card for yet another 100 billion in the last year or so, bringing the national debt to 1.1 Trillion.  Of course, this would not include the personal debt of Canadians, which would add a few more thousand to the pile.

Perhaps in response to the problem of ever-increasing interest payments, bleeding canada’s bank “balance”, (which of course, jeopordizes future indexed civil service “industry” pensions) we are seeing crack-downs of all kinds, breeds and types.  It’s almost as if someone looks down on his land of tax-cows and considers what sort of new fines and penalties the sheeple will accept so the national debt can be transfered to the ever-obedient and worshipful citizens of Canada.

Sometimes, though, the level of state-sanctified pocket-picking reaches levels approaching the absurd, even the criminal.
A headline on the propaganda box this morning, seemed rather shocking at first, second and even third glance. Some guy in Quebec just got a 52 dollar smack upside the head for leaving an “unlocked car” briefly in a parking lot.  Apparently trusting people has become a criminal offense in some juridictions. 

Is this a test balloon to see whether we’ll accept being freedom-fined for leaving unlocked houses, or outdoor sheds or unlocked lunchkits brazenly lying about? Perhaps as revenue shortfalls continue to mount in Canada under our liberal professional pre-spenders we could move to fining people for leaving any owned object unlocked.  Pens on the desk?  Shoes in the lobby?  Coats in the rack?  (I’m being ridiculous of course… or am I?)

Exciting new Anti-trust-your-neighbour legislation could create a whole new industry or hey, even whole new government departments!  We could call it the Anti-Trust Department or Trust-no-mor.  With your help, trust can be beaten.  

One encouraging sign is that this new source of government revenue made it onto the screen.  Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks this is going beyond the level of bizardom.  Consider the problem of enforcing this law.  How do you go about it?   You have to hire a guy to literally go through public parking lots, checking people’s door latches hoping to find a car door which will open without a pry bar.  Folks, we are witnessing a shift in the role of government.  Our leaders are turning into drug-pushers, and stealing to prevent theft……… think about that last one!  Are we really to fall down on our knees in gratitude for a fifty dollar fine because it will prevent us from having our money taken from us by force?

And of course, it doesn’t need to stop there does it?  There have been some recent improvements on the distracted driving laws across proud Kanuckistan.  Even holding your cellphone nets the good people of Canada close to $300.  Now, obviously, texting while driving, or in some cases, texting while sitting at home in your lazyboy, can be a serious offense and can be super dangerous, no argument there.  But you wonder if it isn’t over-reach when you learn that petting your cat or personal grooming (nose-mining?) or basically doing anything other than obediently staring straight ahead through your windshield, both hands on the wheel at ten and two o’clock, not even glancing at your gps or speedometer? (might wanna try that argument next time your’re caught speeding)  can sure cripple your earnings for the day.

How to cope with all these liberal-imposed freedom-chains? Personally, I already consider any fine i get to be a supplementary freedom tax and don’t really look at them as punishments anymore.  It allows me to retain my dignity and feel i am contributing to the proud land of my birth.

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