Pyramid Power


Like many events in life which at first appear profoundly negative, divorce is not without its benefits!

One of these in my case was that I had the luxury of being able to spend a lot of time reading articles on and researching  events and political movements in different parts of the world. I formed some online acquaintances in various countries and learned some research techniques that would never have been learned surrounded by family members and all the attendant duties and pleasures that come with that.

At first, facebook was one of my main news sources as I don’t have the dish so watch nearly no alphabet news. Again and again references to twitter were happened upon and I started an account which grew to about 300 followers. I learned some really interesting things on there, one of which was that it was possible to follow and comment to specific individuals who were on the scene and participating in major events. When Oscar Pistorius was convicted of murdering his girlfriend I was in the courtroom “with” a journalist uncovering the event. I was even able to make some supportive comments to the victims family. 

I found it is possible to verify or villify? the truth of a news item quite quickly by doing a search on the names of affected people. Often they have accounts with twitter or other social media which, if you are fast and get them before they are deleted, can get you the rare and unfiltered news. And when you have done that a few times, it becomes apparent that the official narrative and what’s actually happening in real time aren’t always on the same page. 

These days, the alphabet outlets are desperately trying to put the cat back in the bag as the internet has exposed it’s ugly underbelly. The main technique so far appears to be labeling everything contrary to the official version as “Fake news”. Now I’m not denying that falsehoods appear in people’s stories. Probably we can agree that people lie from time to time, some more than others, and that people cannot always be relied upon to tell the unvarnished truth all the time.   And yet, when an otherwise disinterested individual witnesses a crime or an incident and posts video or images or text about it, I’m of The mind that it’s probably being done for the same reason I would tell a friend about my household war with cat-hair. That is, just for the sake of general interest. 

Not so with the alphabet media! These outlets are profit driven and ultimately the stories are crafted to suit the ends of the owners. This fact shouldn’t shock or surprise anyone.  Business owners require profit in order to exist. Shareholders demand growth and dividends, which come from selling products and influencing govt policy towards that end. 

The way to view the alphabet outlets is to understand their motives and watch them to see which way they are attempting to channel public opinion. Mass shootings sell the idea that govt needs to confiscate firearms. Stories about foreign dictators abusing their citizens sell you on the need for US military intervention which of course would be profitable for the military-industrial complex. 

Is everything on the internet true? Of course not. But the central difference is that I tell the internet what I want to see. The television throws whatever it wants at you. Same, same, but different, eh?

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