NOVEMBER 11, 2017

whatscaresAnswer #3 should scare us all.  And even though I am a Canadian, it scares me!  oooooooooowwwwww!!!!   And it’s a valid complaint not only in the US but in a lot of other countries as well.  And though certainly thousands and probably millions of pieces have been written outlining the problem, multiple huge protests have been formed and endless visits to politicians have been endured all over this blue ball hanging in space over nothing, little has changed.  A certain tiny wedge of the pie, representing such a minescule segment of the population as to be physically insignificant, effectively controls the lives of billions of us tiny creatures, causing us to leave our homes early in the morning hours and work throughout the days of our lives, producing the fuel, which is consumed by the aircraft carriers and the jet fighters whose pilots carry out endless destruction in foreign lands for the purpose of enriching the bulging coffers of the rich.

And with all the digibich that’s been done, can we point to any improvement?  I think we can!  Imagine for a second, if no one complained, if wikileaks had never been formed, Snowden hadn’t spoken, if the money crowd had been given free unrestrained control with no accountability whatsoever?  How much farther down the destructive road might we now be?

Journalists have sacrificed their very lives bringing the darkest secrets to the broad light of day.  Should we forget them on Remembrance Day?  Should we only celebrate the lives lost in the pursuit of perpetual warfare and forget those who have lost their lives trying to prevent it or bring it to an end?
Might it be a good day to remember Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, Ghandi and so many others who gave their all in the pursuit of peace?

Is this another article condemning the rich and the powerful and offering jackcrap for solutions?  I don’t mean it to be.  I think the solutions lie within ourselves.  The butcher, baker and candlestick makers of this world, all those who feel powerless to change the situation, who are caught in the web of the powerful and have no time or energy left to fight the system.  What was it exactly that propelled ordinary people to fight and kick at the darkness til it bled daylight?  Wasn’t it simply that they reached a point in life of simply not caring about protecting themselves and their comfortable ways of life, a point at which they decided that they simply had to fulfill the purpose for which they were born?  They could have taken the easy road, like so many of us disgracefully do.  Shh! Don’t say that in public!  Keep quiet and just do your job.  That’s none of your business.  Just keep that to yourself!  Why bring trouble on yourself and your *gasp* children?

No.  They decided to abandon caution, to challenge what they knew to be false and evil, to correct ancient wrongs.  They risked and risk charges of insanity, lack of patriotism, recklessness and even hostility.  They endured opposition such as most of us will never realize exists, and the closer to the prize they got the worse the persecutions became, many times involving inprisonment and torture, even death.  And there’s no Remembrance Day for them, although they are not forgotten.  Sadly though, most of the corruption they fought so bravely lives on. And the reason is they were mainly abandoned and even opposed by those who could have stood and fought with them and overcome!  Those who have the courage and desire to fight the wicked are precious, few and far between.

It is ridiculous in the extreme, ludicrous and perhaps obscene to see the great mass of people allowing a microscopically tiny group of individuals control the money supply for their own profit, alter the laws of the land to legalize the vilest of crimes, to protect their own from any and all legal recourse, regardless of the gravity of their crimes.  Why do we allow this to go on and on, costing us the very lives of our youngest  and brightest and best?

Protests have been tried.  But the reality is the normal bloke on the street doesnt have six months to protest.  Practical matters of survival soon take effect and the crowd disperses and business goes on as usual.  All they have to do is wait us out.

Letter writing campaigns to politicians have been tried.  But, come on, logically if youre a pol and a letter hits your desk with no check enclosed and a billionaire makes an opposite appeal and includes a bit of cabbage with the request, who will tempt your attention the most?

A petition?  Oh no! Not A petition!!! Again, a petition is just a piece of paper, and it may raise an eyebrow, but ultimately the general population in taxpayer hell is going to bow to the force of authority and the fear of punishment and death as they always do, and they know it.

What gives the powerful their control?  Currency.  Their legal ability and right to print currency is what gives the owners of the central banks their authority over us all.  And to take the point a bit further, really their power lies in our own minds, in our own ascribing of value to those little numbers on the teller’s screen and the rectangular bits of parchment and now even plastic which we hold so dear, spending most of our waking hours pursuing!  Who controls the creation of currency rules over us all. But, currency itself was invented as a mere convenience, to eliminate the hauling of cows and duck to the city to exchange for wheels for the wagon.  Can we live without the convenience of currency?  Of course we can!
Barter, the simple act of trading goods for goods, worked for thousands of years and it works today as well.  Nations engage in it and so do individuals, sometimes bypassing all the troubling numbers on the screen.  We should be doing more and more of this, not less!  What is it about bringing home the paper and exchanging that for avocados that makes the deal so much more enjoyable than simply making a trade, goods for goods?

Another huge barrier to changing the status quo, and maybe the only real one though is
the belief in, the almost worship of the state as a real physical Being who cares and provides for us all, caring for us as a loving mother would from cradle to coffin.  The illusion of the state is a comforting apealling one to many of us, and it is an illusion, because the State produces absolutely nothing any of us can eat, sit upon or wear!  All it can ever do is rob peter to pay Paul, and the vast majority are quite willing to settle for being Paul and have their needs met at the expense of those filthy souls who soil their hands at the plow and the oil derrick.  This is the real problem and gives the state it’s perpetual power.  As long as the population is provided for at a minimal level of sustenance, who is going to be fool enough to rebel?  A comfortable couch, a tv, some beer in the fridge and a game to look forward to on the weekend  and what more do we require?  So in the minds of many, why change, why complain, why fight a system like that?  To many, this is a valid argument.  And when one considers the dire straights people in other countries endure, it is tempting to simply drop the keyboard and coast sleepily through life with the crowd.

And if, if… this situation would continue in its present state, it might not be worth the effort of opposing the system now in place in canada, for instance.  However, one glance at any chart of canada’s economic situation will quickly reveal the waterfall ahead.  And we can continue to believe that somehow, ignoring the situation of our trillion dollar debt load will make it go away, but using basic logic, it’s pretty clear that those we owe this gargantuan sum to will eventually demand, not request, repayment.  Another glance toward Greece or Venezuela, should be enough to convince that every socialist utopia has an expiry date.

Weellll, as for me, I don’t owe much of anything, except the continuing debt to love one another, and i’ve pretty much given up on inspiring my fellow Canadians to rebel.  It’g going to have to get a lot more uncomfortable in this country before more than a couple gophers in Saskatchewan are going to organize to fight tyranny.  In the meantime, maybe you might consider learning to produce the goods you consume, find some like-minded individuals, if you can, and form local systems of barter and realize, deep down inside, that the fool’s paradise we now occupy cannot possibly continue for very much longer.

​Thanks for reading and happy bartering!

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