politicks? meh…


If you are canadian the title probably summarizes how you feel about yet another election. You couldn’t care less about who wins and who loses. All you want is to be left alone with your sports and your beer and your dogteam and your igloo and your fresh walrus hide which your wife is chewing in her bedroom downstairs… ok that was a bit over the top but you get the idea, and maybe the basic sentiment resonates.

But… and here is the enormous BUT: 

What if this election really is a turning point in history for our country. What if our proud liberals really are handing the leadership of this great land over to the United Nations and through that agency to the Islamic State? 

I’m guessing you aren’t that much of a tv watcher or you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place, so you are probably aware there is more than a bit of truth backing this claim. High treason is described as “deliberately acting in the disinterests of the very people you should be supporting: those closest to you, on a national scale”. Under this definition, Canada’s liberals, (all of them, even those who voted them in) are guilty of high treason because of their support of a real life sellout named Justin Trudeau, often sagely referred to as Jihadi Justin.

This solitary man has, no doubt with the support of foreign financial interests, handed huge swatches (is that even a word) of canadian wealth over to nations largely hostile to canadians and especially christian canadians. (This In addition to pushing for more and more changes in the demographics of canada). Meaning, he apparently desperately wants to turn canada into an islamic state ruled by sharia law. 

Can you picture a typical Albertan ranching family submitting to islamic sharia law? No more pork, animals have to be halal slaughtered by sticking a knife into their necks and bleeding them out while they face Mecca?? Albertan daughters wrapped up like burritos with only their eyes allowed to show? You think I’m kidding? I urge anyone to attend a Jihadi Justin meeting and ask him to deny allah as his God. I’m guessing he will not.  Next, if the Stasi dont already have you by the neck, he could be asked whether he has prepared his next public statement for the time when one of his freshly released jihadist refugees makes a kill.  Then if you are really on top of your game, ask him how the million refugees are crossing the ocean?  Are they floating over on one litre pop bottles or are they boarding Air Canada carbonless flights paid for by whom exactly?

That should convince a few people, but seeing you being dragged from the meeting because of three or four little questions will convince a whole lot more.

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